Mud Pie Kitchen - Repurpose

Did you catch my previous post on my inspiration on Mud Pie Kitchens? 

I was looking to mix it up a bit in the play yard without spending any money!  

Mission Accomplished!

We took this (we had in our outdoor play yard)

Stock Photo

and made this...

Ok some of you might gasp that we took this apart to make a Mud Pie Kitchen but they 
are loving it and it's "new again" and fresh for them! 

I remember when.....

Be Blessed

Gettin Krafty With It


Anonymous said…
Looks like they are loving it!!
Kathie said…
Wow, that really takes me back. My cousin and I could make some mean mudpies! I just got back to blogging and I'm hosting 2 link parties if you get the chance, you should come link up:
Kelly Scott said…
What a lot of fun! If you can't beat them, join them. Thanks for linking up with us at NoBH. Every blessing Kelly

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