A peak inside our school room and link up!

It's about that time when I start "cleaning out" what has exploded over the last school year....changing it up...adding new....taking away old....I need to develop my "new plan" for the school year...here is "us" this Summer....and how we school

The children sit in our dining room or at the smaller table in the playroom
We have an Art Wall with special pieces that I change out every few months
Books - Books and more Books 8)

These are "my things" lol....books - calendar....lapbooks....my small little roll away desk that I found Free (lol)....

I want to add some pocket charts this year and go thru our books and weed out some board books that can be donated.  I also know we have WAY too many workbooks that I will never use...I am sure a family can use them somewhere!

In addition to the "inside" room - we also school outside and on the road!  (as most Homeschoolers do!)

What's your room look like?  Link Up and peek inside.....


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