Wrapping my head around it all....

Here we are beginning of August....schooling away (we school all year) and I have not wrapped my head around the "new school year yet"....which for us, starts middle of October.  

We are starting the Road to the Presidency in September along with some Fall units, but back to school Full Time wont happen until we return from our vacation (one of the HUGE benefits of homeschooling - Disney mid October  - not busy!) 

This past weekend we had our Annual - Camp Newell - Family Camp Out - it was a blast and the good Lord answered my numerous prayers about the weather - skies opened up to thunderstorms a few hours after the last camper had left the property!  

Thank You God!  

We are still watching and tracking medals in the Olympics and the children are truly enjoying this!

This week is extremely busy with playdates and the 1st concert for Molly and Zachary - going to see Big Time Rush (with another mom friend, her daughter and myself). It's at an outdoor venue where they sit on blankets - perfect for kids!  Looking forward to that....plus other things happening here and there....

I have not even wrapped my head around next year's curriculum yet either!  Yikes - I am sure I will figure it all out - praying about it!

Enjoy your Monday and Be Blessed!


It looks like your annual camp out was a HUGE success. I enjoyed seeing your updates, along the way, via FB. Glad the weather cooperated. I am sure you made lots of great memories.
Aimee said…
We started school today...although I think we should have started AFTER the olympics! :) I love your Disney comment though. We have a Disney cruise booked for October! We always do Disney in the off season. :)
Anonymous said…
I totally know how you feel! This was me a month or two ago! Just keep praying about it and I know you will be able to wrap your head around it all!
melismama said…
Thanks Amy - I am happy the weather was good also!

Aimee - congrats on the start! Cant wait to see all the fun!

Lindsay - 8)

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