Back to school tradition

Friday was our Annual Back to School Tradition trip to
 Chuck e Cheese.

I refuse to take the children when public school is out for the Summer - just TOO darn busy there. 

However, the Friday of Labor Day week - we ALWAYS find ourselves there alone...ah...peace and

Kids play, have fun and eat Pizza! 


This week we are taking it easy (I know, I know we just started back to school) - the weather is looking simply PERFECT and I am packing the kids into the truck and leaving town for a few days!  Jersey Shore won't  know what hit them!   SOO Looking forward to some Easy R & R on the boardwalk and a visit to the Aquarium.

Hope you are all enjoying the day and I will catch up with you later

Be Blessed!   


Anonymous said…
What a fun back to school tradition! Looks like everyone had a blast!
Tina said…
Love the shot of Z and Sammie! And that is the best way to do CEC. When it's quiet! :)

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