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I have been wanting to link up for a LONG time to Mary's Collage Friday's over at Homegrown Learners - never seem to get it all together...however, finally, I am!   I invite you to come on over too!  Fun stuff!

We had a great 1st week back (part time).....we got out and played as much as possible!  Soaked in God's beauty....Started our Year with the Bible learning (Creation - Claymation)  Sammie officially started Pre K, Molly officially started 1st and Zachary 3rd.  We won't go back full force until after our October Vacation!  Today is our annual Back to School trip to Chuck E Cheese!   Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Be Blessed!


Thanks for linking, my friend!! Your trip in October is going to be so much FUN! How come this kids are all growing so fast? Pretty soon you won't have any more preschoolers in your house.

Hugs to you!!
melismama said…
Oh we cant wait Mary! LEGO LAND wont know what hit it! LOL And I found 3 BOGO coupons - buy an adult ticket get a kids FREE! SO BONUS for my budget! First time they are flying also!
Laurie said…
I love the creation in clay project!! Nice start to the school year.
Welcome to Collage Friday! I love the motivation it gives me to remember to take pictures. :-) I have a Preschooler, K'er and a 3rd grader (as well as a baby). A back to school trip to Chuck E Cheese sounds like a fun tradition!
Nikki said…
Great photo collage! I miss all those fun preschool activities! Have fun on vacation!
Mary said…
I like the new blog design :) Your trip is going to be fabulous!

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