Creation Claymation

This year for school I opted NOT to use our Jesus Calling Devotion for Children (we had used it for 2 years and it was getting "stale" for the kids)...instead I found this great site called Calvary Curriculum and we are starting with Genesis and going thru the Bible this year! 

This week we will discuss Creation - have art based around it, crafts, music, guessing games, reading, coloring, word searches and more! 

Today - we talked about the first 7 days of creation and then had some worksheet. Our art project was to create the 7 days of creations that God created using Clay.  They did great!

In addition to our Bible Studies - it was Math, Reading, Spelling and we are trying hard to get out each morning and walk or ride bikes BEFORE we start our lessons.  

Day 1 - success!

We also finally made it back to the Farmer's Market for our fresh chocolate milk and veggies!  Looking forward to Friday when we have our traditional back to school Chuck E Cheese fun! 

Until tomorrow - BE BLESSED!



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