God's Gift to Fall....

It was a glorious day that the Lord made today - the sun was beating down on us, the air had a crispness to it and the girls and I decided to take a hike in our woods.

Finding all sorts of fun and exciting things!  

The girls took a lot of these pictures!

One of the few Acorns still whole as the animals have been grabbing them as fast as they have been falling off the tree!

I just love how the light hit this little guy - his stem looks transparent. 

Butternut - Molly thought this looked like a cracked Dino egg. lol

Something out of Harry Potter I do believe 8)

Picture looking up one of our Quad trails....little muddy but we were prepared with our Wellies on!

The yard is transforming

This beautiful specimen of bark was abandoned by whatever bugs had once called it home. 

They love to walk in the woods....

I loved the texture of this!

A few roses left on the bush....soon this too will be gone....making way for new buds next Spring!

Hope you got out to enjoy some of God's beauty!

Until next time - Be Blessed!


Lindsay said…
whew those are some gorgeous pictures my friend!! Nice job!
Diane said…
Oh, how I love the fall! The colours, the scents. The crisp, fresh air. Here in Canada, it usually lasts such a short time. Capturing it with pictures certainly makes it last longer! Thank you for sharing your fall!
melismama said…
I know I just love the Fall. Apple picking coming up soon! Enjoy ladies!
Jo Jo said…
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