Welcome Back!

Welcome back....routines
Welcome back.....schedules
Welcome back....no TV
Welcome back.....more learning
Welcome back.....Fall time!

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Oh how I love this week - we are starting easing back into our regular school schedule.

Although we school year round, our Summers are more relaxed and not as structured.

We will not be back to our Full Time school schedule until we return from our Summer Vacation (beginning of October)!  (love being able to take vacation while others are NOT)

We had a great Summer and will continue some Summertime field trips this month.

Our school topics for September will include...

  • Apples
  • Path to the Presidency
  • Music (formal learning)
  • Jim Henson (learning about Muppets and puppets)
  • Celebrations of Ice Cream, Honey and more....

Looking forward to see what this school year will bring!  

We now have a preschooler, 1st Grader and 3rd Grader in the house! 

Praying for all our friends who are returning to public school this year!  (and who have returned already!)  

Be safe and have fun!

Be Blessed!


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