Loving school..

Today I got an "I love school mom"....."you are the best teacher"..... now I know it's only a "moment" that I get that, but I will take it!

Probably because of this....

LEGO BINGO today!  
(you can find this game and more at Homegrown Learners)

Plus they had to create a Christmas Mini Figure.

Girls having fun with the dot daubers from Royal Balboo

Love it when the older ones help out the littles.  Makes my heart sing 8)

Today while we went back to Argentina studies we found out that in the Northern part of the country they don't get snow during Christmas as it is their Summer - often they will use cotton balls to put onto their Christmas Trees to mimic the white stuff.  Kids thought that was a hoot.   

Tomorrow - a craft to help decorate for
"Christmas Eve" in Argentina!

Until then - Be Blessed!


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