Baby it's cold Antarctica!

Continuing with our Winter studies - today's topic was Antarctica!  The coldest place on Earth!  At times getting to -125 F    Now I love the cold and snow, but that is just too cold for even me!  In fact it does not even snow very much - too cold for that and very dry.    Very few forms of life live at the Southern most tip of our planet. 

With the map in front of us we had a look at what life would be like in Antarctica - kids voted, not selling the house anytime soon 8)

We did have Royalty here today also 8) (another reason I love homeschooling)

What we read...

For Science this month we are working on the Human Body - specifically this week - CELLS. 

We all watched an episode of The Magic School Bus - Cells
(bought entire 52 episode pack on Black Friday on line  - LOVING IT)

Girl time on the school computers (blessed to have two laptops for the kids to use)

Until tomorrow...Be Blessed!

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Anonymous said…
Antarctica has always fascinated me! I would love to have been at your house today for the lessons :-)
JDaniel4's Mom said…
What wonderful lessons! I love your work space! JDaniel would love a laptop!

I will be sharing this post on the Read.Explore.Learn. Facebook page on Monday.
Mama Bird said…
My kids are always dressed up as something fun and happy to do schoolwork dressed as a princess

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