Geography for little ones..

Geography for little ones...

This Antarctic Journal is written just like a journal - real fun to read with the kids!
The other book, Frozen Worlds - has wonderful photos!

Notice the Princess' Shoes...LOL

So we are still studying Antarctica all month and today we really got into the climate and geography of this fascinating Continent.  I was teaching the girls the difference between the Arctic and Antarctica.  

Simply put:  the Arctic is a body of water surrounded by land.  Antarctica is a body of land surrounded by water.  THAT they understood!  Also interesting - Penguins DO NOT live at the North Pole but millions of them live at the South Pole.   So you won't see a Polar Bear feasting on Penguins any time soon 8)

Besides our Globe (Leap Frog) we are using a new interactive device - the ITIKES I explore Maps.  We just broke it out today and started playing around with it. Scratched the is interactive with my IPhone also - have to figure that part out!  I will tell you more about this once we get the hang of it. 

Tomorrow we are heading to The Bronx Zoo to see the Penguins in action!

Until then- be Blessed!

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