Penguins are taking over....

Week 2 of our Penguin Studies

We are getting into the nitty gritty of our Penguin Studies.  While Molly works on some word games...I have Zachary reading about penguins from a Discovery Kids magazine.  

Did you know that the Emperor Penguin can get up to 90 pounds!  

That's one dedicated dad!

Some scholastic teachings and more from our Simple Schooling packet.

Time to craft....Penguins of course

(dont you just love seeing all the random "stuff" that the kids bring to the table...stuffed animals..I think I see a set of binoculars

What we read today.....

Very cute book with some fun rhyming. 

The sun is shinning today and it was time we headed back to the library to sign out some books on Antarctica and penguins.  This afternoon - providing all are feeling good  - sledding!

We are looking forward to an unseasonably warm day on Wednesday and heading out to The Bronx Zoo for the day! (hoping to catch the Penguins in all their glory!)

Until tomorrow - Be Blessed!


Mary said…
So cute! I love looking at your homeschool pictures - it always looks so fun.

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