My Favorite Things - Day 3

Day 3

If you missed any of the previous days, there is a link at the end of this post

Today I am highlighting 3 of my favorite Etsy Shops that sell three of My Favorite Things!  

Laura, owner and creator (and proud to say my friend) of Skylar Raine makes beautiful accessories for your home and for YOU!  I have purchased several of her headbands and rings.  Her craftsmanship is excellent!  I love the color combinations she puts together. 

Her shop has everything from earrings to headbands to bow ties to picture frames. Using the most fashionable material keeping you and your home up to date with the latest and greatest styles! Her items are very affordable and won't break anyone's piggy bank!

To order for the holidays (or anytime) check out her Etsy Shop HERE!  

BONUS: As part of a HUGE Giveaway there is a chance for you to win a $ 30 credit to Skylar Raine if you go HERE for easy entries!

DOUBLE BONUS:  If you want to order from today until the 12th you can go HERE to find the details out on how to save 25% off your order!

Other ways to connect with Skylar Raine - Twitter and Facebook!


Theresa has a studio and resides in Lakewood, Colorado with her family where she makes hand crafted unique pieces that will be sure to grab your attention for years to come

One of the 100's of items in Theresa's shop! Available for purchase!

Since becoming interested in metals in seventh grade I have continued my work making special jewels, using recycled materials, as well as taking extra time to make things for customers with special care. 

My shop contains a variety of work, it is important to me to be able to experiment with, and perfect many different metal techniques, to find the best each has to offer. 

I offer durable, classic, and quality pieces destined to be heirloom pieces passed down and stand the test of time. 

All of Theresa's items are handmade from recycled metal sources!  Love that about her! 

When I commissioned Theresa to create a ring for me she saw my vision and made it come true!  I know a few items that are on my list this year from Theresa! 

Connect with her more at her website: and her Etsy Shop HERE.  Her creations are very affordable there is something even for the man in your life!


Keilee is a 13 year old Homeschooled girl who has been knitting for almost 3 years. She started making animal wraps when she needed a birthday present. Everyone loved it so she decided to open an Etsy shop

We recently purchased an adorable CandyCorn headband from Keilee's Shop. Molly is in love with it!

To connect with Keilee and her Etsy shop - go HERE!
To find her on Facebook - send some love HERE!

Today's secret letter: W

In case you missed the previous 2 days (not sure how you could have)  you can check them out easily by clicking on the day you missed!

Until then - Be Blessed!


Karen said…
Thank you so much for featuring Keilee. She was so excited.

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