No Spending Challenge: Unsubscribe!


If you have decided to join my family and others for our No Spending Challenge: January then I applaud you and will continue to pray for strength as we go thru this month together!   If you are still on the fence or really don't think you can do, pray about it, talk to others about it and maybe your heart will be heavy with it and you can join in whenever you want to. 

I thought it would be good to set a few "ground rules" : encouragement for others is encouraged: it's a NO judgement zone, positive comments and helpful hints required!  

We are taking baby steps to get the ball rolling here....

Today's topic is: UNSUBSCRIBE

What I mean by Unsubscribe: you know all those websites that you bought things from at the holidays or the "deal sites" that send you daily updates on what great deals they are offering?  (I do love these sites) I encourage you to click UNSUBSCRIBE (usually at the bottom of the email they send there is a spot to do this) to those sites for the month. Keep a short list of the ones you might want to check in with next month, but for January, out of sight, out of mind!

How has this helped my family? (getting real now, exposing it all)  

Since we moved to our home, 7 years ago, I have never really worried about money or my spending habits. My husband provides for his family very well and moderate spending has never been a problem for us. (we live credit debt free, thank God)

Up until last November, I was one who always found a great deal on "stuff". Those deal sites that had those 60% off, clearance, had to have it "stuff". 

Looking back, "stuff" we did not need but "stuff" I thought would improve our lives, lol, well not so much.  I asked my husband (who controls the money and tracks the spending) to tell me how much money I was spending each month on this kind of "stuff" - the answer might shock you, it did me!  He told me over $ 700 on this and that, here and there.   I was shocked...where was all this "stuff" could that be? 

Where is all this "stuff"? A lot of this "stuff"  is pilled up in my garage waiting to be used for the next party or when the kids grow a size.  All stuff I really did not NEED to live but thought at the time could not live without. Could we have done without, absolutely.  

This is your encouragement for the day. I encourage you to UNSUBSCRIBE to these sites.   Trust me, if you decide to go back and subscribe again, they will be there with more "stuff" of offer you. 

If you are reading this and have no idea what I am talking about, I invite you to go to THIS POST and read, pray and consider joining us.  You life will be changed! 

Until next time when I talk about ways to save around the house that have helped - Be Blessed and spend Less!


Anonymous said…
This is something I have considered doing for a long time! I can't wait to read through your month and encouragement!
Amber Hockman said…
Unsubscribing as I write! Excellent!
Melissa N. said…
Lindsay - no time like the present my friend!

Amber - awesome!
Caroline said…
I am ready to do this too. I control the money and don't think I spend but I do. My husband thinks he doesn't but does.
I am with you! I am going on a no spending January.
Tiffani said…
I'm a new reader of your blog & found this post interesting. It's nice to see someone else who is so open about a topic that is somewhat difficult for a lot of folks.

Until last fall I was a lot like you. My husband supports our family well & handled keeping track of the finances. I didn't really have to pay attention to what I was spending and we had a general budget yet it always seemed to take to long to save up for slightly larger purchases.. But something clicked in my head one day and suddenly I wanted to know where every penny was going. I went crazy getting involved in our finances & finding a system that wasn't completely automated.

Enter YOU NEED A BUDGET (YNAB). It's software that can be used on your desktop, phones, tablet, etc. It will help you control your spending & make you become much more "hands on" with your money.

They have some excellent (free) tutorials and classes that really walk you through the thought process of what you really want to be doing with your money. Having a job, so to speak, for every dollar you bring in.

It has been awesome (and also somewhat embarrassing at how much we were wasting) in our house. We have "found" several hundred dollars every month that we were just spending frivolously or from old subscription fees that we weren't using & had forgotten to cancel, etc. Anyhow, I can't recommend YNAB enough. It has been a life change event for us.

I'm looking forward to looking around more on your site...lots of great looking resources.

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