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Farmhouse Friday - Curriculum Review

Welcome friends to a special Farmhouse Friday today.  I am excited to share a curriculum that I found that is fun and educational! This is not a new curriculum, but new to our homeschool.  Years ago, my sister in law passed on some school books and magazines that her son was no longer using and in the pile was was a few items from Highlights . They sat on a shelf for a while,until recently, and collected dust.  I finally got around to pulling some of it out and what I found was a gem!  There was this folder that said secret mission. I opened it and found a fun game/activity that I knew the girls would love.  After they completed it, I knew I had to look into ordering more for them.  Are you familiar with Highlights ?  I am sure you are.  We have used their magazines in our homeschool for years but never their adventure kits.  (in their own words..) For more than 70 years Highlights has been dedicated to helping families raise  Curious, Creative,

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