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and so it goes......

The Key to a Great Parent Teen Relationship

Why Love is Key to a Great Relationship Between Parents and Teens
How often do you go out of the way to develop your relationship with your significant other?
How about your teenager?
All good relationships take a lot of time and energy to build a lasting bond. This can be especially difficult between parents and teens. At times it might feel that your relationship with your adolescent is teetering on a cliff and might collapse at any minute.
A teen is developing their own identity- one that is apart from his family. It is normal for there to be ups and downs, but the key to bonding and strengthening your connection might be the secret power of love.

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Nature Versus Nurture
There has long been a debate over which influences a child the most: the role of genetics or the environment. 
The role a parent plays when a child is young is vital to their development. They provide more than the basic needs- they mold a child’s brain. Over a decade of research ha…

The Year of the Goat - Chinese New Year Party and a discount

Hi everyone. 

I am gearing up for a few months of celebrations in our home.  Between some birthdays, Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year and St. Patty's day, I am hoping we are not partied out before Easter! (which happens to be early this year and our daughter's birthday!) 

As you might have seen before, we always celebrate Chinese New Year in our homeschool.  I am not sure why we ever started this tradition, but the kids love it and so do I.  This year Chinese New Year is February 19th (a few days after Valentine's Day - so save those red decorations!) and a few days before my birthday!  

Isn't that so fun and festive!  I am so using the Chinese New Year/Lunar New Year Printable kit from Birds Party this year!  In the past I have pieced together some printables here and there. This year we are going all out with this great party on a tight budget!

This printable party kit includes the following templates (with a lot of them being editable):

* Fill-in party invites: Can …