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Today I will boarding a plan to travel hundreds of miles away from my home, my family and my comfort zone to gather in fellowship with other bloggers who are like minded.  

BEECH Retreat
  I am excited, scared, excited and already missing the family (lol)
Although this is not my 1st blogging conference, it is the only one that I have been to that was not within a few hour driving distance.  Leaving my children and husband are not something I can do lightly and without hesitation.  Not because I don't think my husband can "handle" the children, but because they are my life, my daily reason for waking up in the morning, my everything.
Here are a few REASONS why I am so excited to travel that far...

A very dear friend - La Donna - she blogs at Santa Beso HERE is our Story.

Mary from Homegrown Learners
We have met IRL last year in NYC while her hubby had a conference to attend. 
I can't wait to hug with them and probably (most likely) cry a little with them...
There ar…

Wordless Wednesday

The Reading Lesson - review and GIVEAWAY!



I am always looking for great curriculum for the kids (aren't we all?) Today I am sharing my review of a great curriculum from Mountiancastle Company -

TheReading Lesson

Here is what the daughter of the authors (Michael Levin, MD and Charan Langton, MS) tells me...15 years ago a book was written by her parents called -  The Reading Lesson. The book is a simple, fun program that teaches young children to read in 20 easy lessons. It makes the process of learning to read easy for both parents and children. The book is the #2 selling reading program in the US on Amazon, and has a 4.5 star average review. After writing the Reading Lesson, Development happened for other educational products that have become very popular with homeschoolers and families worldwide.
One of our products is well-suited to older children as well - The Verbal Math Lesson is an innovative way to teach teens to do tough math in their heads - we teach them all the tricks and shortcuts they need t…

Penguin Party

January was our fun Penguin Unit along with our Antarctica studies!  We had a lot of fun and LEARNED SO much about them!  We celebrated the end of our unit with a Penguin, a movie, snowball fight and of course, FOOD!

Little Penguin Bowling (thanks to our new Kiwi Crates!)

On to Penguin Jeopardy!  Kids always love this game...

Then we had our snowball fight (with homemade marshmallow shooters and mini marshmallows!)

Movie Time!

Some crafting in order for the afternoon!

We had a wonderful January with school, skiing and enjoying the Winter! 
Next week - we will doing a variety of Winter activities as I am leaving for the BEECH Retreat on Thursday and need to prepare for that!  
Stop by tomorrow for a great review and giveaway!

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday already?

Umm..Monday was a blurr I had the day off and he took all three children snow skiing.  They are so enjoying the snowy weather and time with their dad!  Of course, instead of spending those 4 hours in bliss by myself...I worked on school lesson plans...LOL...when they got home we ate lunch and started right in on school. It was a big day for our nation and I was not going to skip this teaching moment!

We actually watched the Private swearing in on Sunday at noon on TV - the kids were skiing when the "fun stuff" was happening yesterday.  We were able to learn some from our Scholastic reader magazines.

Girls had fun with this cute game from Teaching Heart

Sidebar: Found these great signs at Dollar Tree - funny how they just jumped into my card 8)

We made Macaroni Penguins out of felt. 

Continuing with our Solar System fun - we watched this episode from The Magic School Bus.

KIDS ALL laughed at this funny book!

And yet another AWESOME Dollar Tree find!   Do you kids…

Collage Friday - busy week

It's been a long week - but a FUN one!

Martin Luther King Jr.s' Birthday was January 15th so we started our teachings on that day.  Our Scholastic magazines along with books and other worksheets really had us thrown right into it all.  The children learned all about Dr. King, his dream and what he did for our country, but really unsure if they truly understand segregation 100%

Oh the fun we are having with Penguins. Besides visiting them at the Bronx Zoo last week...we continued learning about them.  Astonishing that the Daddy Emperor Penguin sits on the egg for 2 months only eating SNOW and keep the egg warm until it hatches.  Now that's daddy commitment. !

We also received more snow this week!  HUZZAH!  They all helped with household chores (mommy's back is hurting a little) and Sammie is really loving learning how to write her letters. 
Next week we will wrap up our Penguin Unit with a fun game of Jeopardy ..Finish up Antarctica and continue with the Human Body systems …

Martin Luther King Jr - Teachings

Yesterday was Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday and we started our teachings of his works also.   

I highly recommend this book to elementary age kids! (I started to cry at a few pages...had to stop and regroup...)

Fun printables over HERE

Also continuing with our penguin teachings

Penguin Bowling from Kiwi Crate!

Had to share my latest Dollar Spot purchase from Target - already had the label printed on it!  PERFECT!

Surprised the kids with some LEGO BINGO (you can find it HERE)
In the afternoon we celebrated the SNOW with a Snow Day Party
You can see much more of our fun over at my sister blog My Party Passion!

Until tomorrow...Be Blessed!