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Kitchen renovation - Updates with pictures

Welcome friends. Happy Memorial Day! 
I know it's been a while since I have checked in. Things are crazy busy here at the farmhouse.  With homeschooling, travel, camping, kitchen reno and the other 100 chores that need attending to, my blogging has been less than frequent. 
Spring has sprung and we are enjoying seeing what is coming up around the property.  

When we bought this home, last summer, we knew we wanted to replace the entire kitchen.  From first glance, it seemed nice. However, once you had the cabinets cleaned out of the sellers food and dishes, you found they were A HOT MESS.  Not only were the "white" cabinets stained yellow with grease (must be they fried everything), but the doors were falling off the hinges. Don't get me started on the appliances.  Needless to say, we knew right then and there, we were doing a MAJOR overhaul in the Spring.  
So what does a gal to do in planning her DREAM kitchen?  Why search Pinterest of
I knew what I wanted …

Trip to Mystic, CT - what to see and do and updates

Each year, with the exception last year, for the last 6 years, I have taken the kids on a three day adventure to Mystic, CT. 

With a 3 hour drive it's easy to do in a day and not stay over, but we try to fit a lot in in 48 hours.   This year was extra special!  We invited 2 other homeschooling moms and their children to join us!  Three moms,8 kids and lots of fun. 

Some advice before we begin our journey:

Go on the off season so you can see more and do more without crowds.Stay in a hotel that offers FREE breakfast - saves you some money and gets an early start on adventure.If you want do to the Mystic Seaport and Aquarium then purchase the Sea Pass, saves you 15%. Bring your bathing suit for some swim time (if your hotel has a pool)

We stayed at our usual place, Hampton Inn, Groton CT (only 5 minutes from the Mystic exit and 50 bucks cheaper per night than the Mystic location)  We love Hampton Inns.  With the free WiFi, hot breakfast, 4pm snacks (warm gooey cookies) and newly renovate…