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No Spend January - Monday Update - Week 2

Hi friends - WELCOME!  If you are on this No Spend January journey with us, how's it going? If you are not, maybe you want to jump right in!  You can find out the "guidelines" at this post
As promised, I am back today with an update on our second week of No Spend January with our fails and our wins!
First let's talk about what categories we spent money on:
Martial Arts - Samantha has a graduation coming up and we had to pay $ 50 for this. (every other month expense)Gas - hubby's carMedical bills (from December)Car PaymentGroceries $ 96.13 (Walmart again)Shoprite - sick kid with the flu - needed some medicine mid- week. spent $ 8.77Discount Bread Store - bread, rolls spent $ 3.00BJ's - needed water for our water cooler, T-paper, tissues and a few other household things $ 111.48
Well friends, I went back to Walmart this week. Doing the math, it just made sense while I am on my $ 100 weekly budget. If you remember last week I w…

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