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Farmhouse Friday - Fall at the Farmhouse

Happy Friday Friends
It's been a sad and depressing week in our world.
I almost did not blog this week but then I thought, this is what makes me happy to share with you all and I don't want to let sadness win! 
I just cant believe that we live in a world where events like Las Vegas can even happen.  Where people become so numb to love for one another.  

We have had the news off on the television, as our son gets very anxious with bad/sad news. Sometimes avoidance is necessary. 

Instead of chatting about world news, I thought I would give y'all a sneak peek into our home as we prep for fall, even though temps are in the 80's this weekend.
We have been doing a lot of fall cooking and baking. Pumpkin and pear everything. What is it about fall time that has us ready to bake and cook up a storm? We bring out our slow cookers and hunker down for the season. 

We are so thankful that our Asian pear trees gave us so much fruit this year. We are enjoying all the benefits of having the …

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