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Friday, January 13, 2017

Farmhouse Friday

Happy Friday - the 13th friends!  Full moon and all. What a treat!  I hope you had a fabulous week and you are reading this blog post healthy and happy into the new year.  We had some illness at the farmhouse this week but all on the upswing now!  Let's jump right in....

In homeschool...Penguins was on our agenda this week (when we were able to have school due to sick children). We did a lot of reading and crafting this week...

Girls made their own rubber stamps of something "winter". Sammie did a mitten and Molly a snowflake. They turned out good and fun for them to learn this craft. 

Chalk pastels - can I tell you friends, I needed this art medium this week. I needed something to keep me occupied during some down time and when I NEEDED a rest from taking care of others (you ever get that way?). If you follow me on Instagram you saw Molly's beautiful work as well. 

The weather has been strange...snow in the beginning of the week and close to near 60 at the end. global warming?  not really sure but the kids are seeing the snow on the ski mountain (can see from our windows) and they want to get on those slopes real bad...fingers crossed night skiing next week. 

What I am obsessed with this week:

Jonathan Hutcherson - You Tube channel - Oh my gosh people...this boy is going places!  A former contestant on The Voice also...I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with his mom, Traci, a few years ago at a conference - delightful family!

Chalkpastel.com - oh yes this is our art medium for this year...low cost supplies and quick return on investment!  Check it out friends! (affiliate link)

Video Art Course for All Ages

Slower Cooker Ham and Potato Soup - going to try this baby out! 

On tap for the weekend:  Tonight we are suppose to get together with some friends for "barn night" - games and fellowship in their barn - it's a ton of fun!  

Saturday - date day with my hubby...it's been a while...we have a ton of errands to run and ending the day/night dinner and drinks at a local distillery...

Sunday - church and my oldest and his family coming for Sunday dinner (insert happy dance)!

I pray your week is filled with love and good food!  Enjoy and be blessed!  

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Teach Me Tuesday: Art for your homeschool

One area that I slack in for our homeschool is the area of  The Arts - all mediums included.  I try, I plan, I find the resources, but somehow we don't make the time for it. This year will be different!  

I needed to find a medium that the kids like and has a quick turn around and good return.  I think I found it! 

Pastels!   We have chalk and oil but the kids seem to prefer the chalk so I am sticking with that for now.  

I am excited to have found a 45 week course for the kiddos (and me) that we can do at our leisure and our own pace. All levels included. Thanks to chalkpastel.com.

I was so excited, I started on my own this week!

With all the snow that so many states are getting and blowing up my Instagram feed, I thought appropriate to follow this tutorial on the video art course. 

It took me through step by step and I was done in 10 minutes. Perfect for the 10 minute break I had before the kids needed me. 

Video Art Course for All Ages

Here is what you get in this fabulous course:

A whole year of video art tutorials

  • 45 tutorials in all — one lesson a week for an entire school year. Two semesters!
  • Affordable – lessons from a Master Artist!
  • Enjoy from the comfort of your home.
  • Simple supply list. Just add paper and a set of chalk pastels! (No lengthy, expensive list)

I recommend checking out You Are An Artist Video Art Course  at chalkpastel.com (affiliate link)

 Great deal at Amazon for these chalk pastels! 


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Monday, January 09, 2017

Shining the Spotlight - Soapforcollege

Happy New Year and welcome back to our first
Shining the Spotlight
for 2017! 

 I hope you all enjoyed your holidays and are settled back into your routines.

Today I am so excited to introduce you to a company that has such a wonderful purpose behind it!  Jessica Griffis is a 17 year old college student paying her way through college selling Hilltop Design simple, natural and homemade products.  Jessica was also home educated!!! (dear to my heart)  

Ya'll know I am all about the package as first impressions are so important. Don't you just love this sticker/stamp that she had on her package!  Spoke to me before I even opened it up and smelled the freshness of the products. 

I was impressed with the smell of the products, not overwhelming and artificial smelling at all. I felt safe using them on myself and my children. 

There are lip balms, lotions, scrubs, body butter, bath bombs and more.  The scrubs rival any other name brand and the bath bombs are THE BOMB!   The products are very affordable and luxurious. 

I am so impressed with the ambition and hustle this girl has.  I can only pray my girls can see what an example Jessica is for young girls. 

Whether you are looking for a gift for someone else or to pamper yourself, (Valentines Day is fast approaching) I highly recommend you check out Jessica's

 Facebook Page - SoapForCollege
Instagram - soapforcollege

Congrats Jessica for being our January - Shining the Spotlight on here at Woodwater Farmhouse!  

Jessica was kind enough to send me some samples of some of the popular products that she sells and I also purchased others myself.  These opinions are 100% my own.

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Friday, January 06, 2017

Farmhouse Friday

Happy 2017 Friends!

Holidays were exciting, tiresome and happy over here at the farmhouse.  We hosted many friends and family...ate way too many calories....opened up so many lovely gifts and made a lot of memories! 

Good friends and cousins join in the fun!

The sunrises have been beautiful although the sun has not stayed out past the sunrise for long 8(  Lots of rain and wind. 

We are waiting patiently for snow to arrive. The weather has been crazy here...one day warm and then next below freezing. 
 We lost 2 of our catfish in our pond 8(  but their purpose lives on in our garden!  Great nutrients for the soil. 

Having some fun with my new phone - Galaxy 7  the picture quality is great!  Oh yes that spider was in our basement...now he is free to roam the mountainside. 

I got to see my new grand baby over the holidays. She is such a blessing to the family. Lots of games, family pictures and working on our game room/movie room in the basement!  Loving all the Star Wars action happening!

We had a slow start back this week to school.  Only a few days in and our littlest, Sammie, came down with a stomach bug and fever. We have been learning about penguins and Antartica this past week. Nursing back to health our littest one.  Baking, eating...exercising...not in that order..hehe

We hosted NYE Family party and it was a fun time for sure! 

This weekend - martial arts and taking the rest of our Christmas trees down and decorations. 

Things I am crushing on this week!

Learning how to Hand Letter - on my goal list for this year to learn how to hand letter. 

We are also in the first stages of designing our new kitchen. Here is a glimpse at my Pinterest Page if you are interested in our style. 

I hope you have a fabulous weekend!  Be Blessed!

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Friday, December 30, 2016

2017 Planner Giveaway

giveaway has ended.

Right now I Have a fabulous giveaway happening over at my Instagram page. You can win this 2017 Happy Planner and some extra goodies to make it even prettier!  Hop on over to my Instagram page to enter and for all the details!  

Good Luck!

Sponsored by ME - not Instagram or Happy Planner...

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Friday, December 23, 2016

Snowglobe Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas from our farmhouse family to your family!  See you in the New Year!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Farmhouse Friday No. 4

Oh friends, it's been a blessed week for sure! Welcome to Farmhouse Friday No. 4. 

As you might have seen, if you follow me on Instagram, we added another family member to the farmhouse this week! 

 My daughter-in-law and son welcomed baby Marqaux Elizabeth to the family on Tuesday evening.  All are happy and healthy, which is a blessing for sure!

Aunt Molly

Aunt Sammie

My family!  I am taking the picture, but if I was in it..it shows 4 generations of family here. Amazing!  

Uncle Zachary holding Margaux

Other happenings

We had our BFF's in town last weekend to celebrate Christmas together. Always a great time. Lots of game playing, family competition and fellowship. 

I have also finished up my Christmas shopping - shopping local. We have the best little shops in our town. This book store is a place you could spend hours in for sure. 

We started our advent nativity, watched a lot of Christmas specials and had fun with an early Christmas present!  Since we moved into this home in July, I have wanted to make part of the basement a game room, a place for my 12 year old tween to hang with friends.  For Zachary's birthday in the summer, he received the Foosball table. We just added an air hockey table which has an added top to make it ping pong also.  The family is really enjoying our time with it!

Weekend happenings:

Another dear friend and her children are flying in from down south to spend the weekend with us.  Lots of food, fellowship and fun for sure! 

Enjoy your weekend friends and don't forget to be present this holiday season! 

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