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Weekly Wrap Up: Happy FrightDay

Happy FrightDay!
I can't believe it's almost the end of October - this month FLEW by!
Welcome to another Weekly Wrap Up at The Joys of Home Educating. Thanks for stopping by!

Zachary's video using his latest Tinker Crate. 

We waited to carve our pumpkin until Thursday - we have a lot of little critters outside that will love to eat this baby up before Halloween!  
Girls had fun - little Science thrown in there!

We learned about spiders this week - the girls made a web and a paper spider to go along with the unit study.

Fall is in full swing here in NY - the leaves are covering the ground and showing off the total beauty they have!  
I got 6 inches cut off my hair this week and LOVE IT!  Not used to it totally but love the look.  It goes well with my 50 lb weight loss! 

What's not shown in pictures:

Where Are We Wednesday - studied the state of ColoradoHealth Class - wrapped up our Getting Wise to Wrappers (labels) - learning all about the food labels and what ingredients are in …

Fall Friday Checking In - a BUSY - Week in review

Happy Friday and Happy Fall Y'all!
There were days this week when fall was in full swing and there were days when it was feeling more like winter!

As you can see in the video above, we had snow flurries on the way to my son's home last Sunday...

We studied owls this weekKids laying on the floor to compare themselves with the largest owl wingspan (5 ft)Books we read on owls - highly recommendMolly and Sammie did a venn diagram on owls vs. bats

Molly takes a sewing class 2 times per week while Sammie is in martial arts (1 hour to myself!) She is loving it! She is making a lot of Christmas presents right now!I feel in love with the snoopy material (insider tip - Peanuts will be a HOT trend in clothing Spring of 2016)

We studied Claude Monet this week in Masterpiece MondayTalking about eating healthy in health class. Started to read labels also on our food. 

In our Bible study this week we talked about how Jesus fed 5000 on only 5 loaves of bread and two fishes. The girls are loving the…

How to Draw a Cute Bat by Molly

It's been a while since Molly has done a video on how to draw. Today she brings you a Cute Bat!  Enjoy!

Bat Tutorial 

So many studies of Bats on Pinterest!

Weekly Happenings....

Welcome back!
If you are here, it means it's Friday once again.  A full week of school, practices and life happenings...
Masterpiece Monday - Vincent Van Gogh was our subject.  Sunflowers were one of Van Gogh's favorite things to paint. We happen to have some in the house so we had a fun time drawing them. Sammie had fun with some Art for Kids(love that Rob!)

Monday was a holiday for Daddy so he was able to go to the Pumpkin Fest with us. Nice family outing!  Pumpkins, games, play time with friends we don't see that often.

More fun and games at the Pumpkin Fest.

It's a beautiful time up here in the Northeast.  New York Fall never disappointments.The girls love to get out and draw what they see in the yard.  Hikes around the back property are always a must! 

What's not pictured:  Three martial arts practices for Sammie.Two sewing classes for Molly. Soccer practices.Thursday night bible study for Zachary at church.Thursday night - program at the library.Thursday - trip to t…

Our First Week Back

It was our first official week back to school since our summer schedule ended.   We had a great week!
  School ran longer than previous years each day, but the children did not mind. 
They were ready for more...and so was I.

It rained on Monday so we got the gym mat out in the afternoon.  Molly worked on one of her Doodle Crates and I helped out at a local bake sale on Sunday for our library. The business card above is what Molly made for Sammie. Sammie decided she wanted to start her own business helping kids who are sick.  LOVE HER!

Busy with our Bible studiesGot out our apple peeler and had some yummy snacks.It's National Popcorn Month - so of course we had to celebrate!Molly started Algebra (yes 3rd grade - she loves Math)We had fun with our first study of our Masterpiece Monday series - Picasso - Cubism.

We started our Liberty Kids studies with Sammie (1st) and Molly (3rd) (LOVE THESE!)The crockpot continues to be my best friend as we have had something going on each night and it&#…

The Last Hurrah - Summer is over

This week was our last week of "summer school". We start back October 5th with our full time schedule.  Schooling year round is really just a way of life for us. The children crave the routine and they love the lighter schedule in the summer.    SO we really tried hard to soak it all in this past week! 
It was our last camping trip of the season with our BFFs and we rolled a ton of fun activities into the 48 hours!  We start and end the season at a Jellystone Campground about an hour from us.

When we tent camped (years ago), we had the same two sites - one for our BFFs and one for us. In between those sites was this big rock formation. It became OUR ROCK.  We took our family pictures there year after year.  Now that we have a camper, our friends still tent camp but our location in the park has changed.  This weekend there was no one on our old sites so we "relived" the days gone by and took family pictures again at "our rock".  Above are the pictures from t…