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A Fairy Tee-Pee: Natural Play

Camping is one of the best memories for our children.  Out in the wilderness, pigging out on great food, fellowship with our friends and enjoying what nature has to offer them.
On this recent camping trip, I suggested an idea to the children what would open their minds up to great imagination.  We were going to try to attract the Camping Fairies to our area by building them a fun Fairy Tee-pee (inspired by this post: Balanced and Barefoot)
Gathering materials was the first order of business...twigs, ferns, rocks, dead tree bark, little parts of nature. 

The children built a fence leading up to the tee-pee, keeping out unwanted creatures.  Love the flag!

We found some tree fungi and I assisted with a welcome sign. 

We even used a papertowel roll that was about to be throw into our camp fire, to make a great patio table and chairs for the Camping Fairy.

Having a camping fire ring is important!
This tee-pee withstood wind and any creatures that might have come in contact with it, overnight!

I su…

Summer Bucket list - FREEBIE

Summer will be here before you know it!  I am excited for all that is in store at our home.  To make things a little easier and honestly more are a few BUCKET LISTS that you can download for free and use in your homeschool.
Eye Candy Creative Studio has a great one you can fill in on your own!

Motherhood on a Dime has a great one you can download and print. BUCKET LIST
Tried and True has a great summer bucket list printable also. 

I love this one from Mommy and Things that is already made up for can get excited!

My all time favorite is this one for us BLOGGERS!   You will love it!


Blog Clarity!
While these are all FREE DOWNLOADS, it's a nice thing if you visit their blogs and leave some love...these ladies work hard on providing us with beautiful tools!
Until next time:  Be Blessed!

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Student Logbook: A product review

Today I am excited to share with you a new tool for your homeschool students, as well as one for yourself.

My Student Logbook was created out of necessity!  Corina has a great story to share with you as how this all came about.  You are invited to click over and read all about it.  HER STORY.
When I was contacted by Corina about her student logbook I was intrigued.  We had not really tracked anything much in our homeschool (except attendance) and I saw this as an opportunity to get more organized on both the student and teacher level.
I was impressed with the quality of the book and loved the cover design she picked out for us.  It does come in MANY different themes that you can pick from. 
The set up was easy to follow using their video provided on their website but there are also written instructions inside the logbook.
Zachary was excited to get started.  

We used it for a week and I found that Zachary had a feeling of accomplishment. Something he could see how much work he really finis…

Homeschool Week in Review and HUGE NEWS!

I am so happy to see the sun almost everyday this past week.  We have been super busy!  Field trips, school, holidays, yard work and more.....

Upper Left:  Girls working on their latest Kiwi Crate.  If you are not familiar with Kiwi Crate you should be.  Do you have a young one who loves crafting, art, science and exploration?  Then you need to check out Kiwi can click on the LARGE Kiwi Crate button on my sidebar. 
Upper Right: Lunch time with Story Cubes.  We have used Story Cubes on and off for a few years. LOVE THEM - portable, durable and everyone can participate!
Lower Left:  I have been doing a lot of sketching lately.  Seems to be my creative outlet, when I have an extra few minutes. I have this idea for a children's book series: The Camp Girls - a series about three friends who all meet up at Summer camp each year and the trials and fun times they have growing up together....sigh...if only..
Lower Right:  Experiments:  Zachary grew his own crystals this week!