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Updates on where we have been.....

Hi all...
I have been relaxed on updating you all on the happenings here at The Joys of Home Educating. It's not that I don't want to update everyone on what is happening, it's just other things have taken a priority. 
Since my father's journey home to heaven in mid-March, I have not been able to really get my act together.  I have ALWAYS been a very organized person and a master "list maker".   I can't put my finger on what is happening in my head, but it's not "me".   There are some behind the scenes happening with my father's Will and his girlfriend, that have prevented me from closer and moving on.  Until all that is settled, I am afraid that my mind will continue to be random and haywire.   In addition, I am finally addressing a shoulder injury that I have been afraid to see a doctor on for fear of a needed surgery.  I really don't have time for that....
What I do know for sure.....
I am excited that the cold weather is behind us an…

Shepherding Your Child

If you have been following the monthly series from Graham Blanchard from the Mom Mentors then you are in for a treat this month!  
We are discussing Shepherding our Children...
Where have your challenges been in teaching your children about God?
Come on over and join the discussion!

School Room Decor: A review

Today is my final review in a four week series for Creative Teaching Press.

In case you missed the other three you can still check them out:
Mini Magnet Books

Making Cents of Money

Math & Reading Workbooks

Besides excellent teaching products they also have fun school room decor!   I love to decorate our school room (aka our dining room) in different themes depending on the holiday, season or events happening in our teachings.Creative Teaching Press has plenty of eye candy to spruce up your room. 

I LOVE the Mustache decor and supplies that they are offering right now. Staying on trend with what is popular with celebrations and the children.  
They have an entire line of these mustache products:
Mustache Mania Border for your bulletin boards. Mustache Reward Stickers(we are currently using these for spelling rewards) Mustache Cut Outs

It's not only mustache decor that they are offering - there is an entire line of It's Spring collection to decorate and brighten up the room.
The quality…

Reading and Math: A Workbook Review

It's Monday which means I am sharing with you a review of a fun teaching product from Creative Teaching Press.  
If you missed our review of last week you can see all about  at Mini Magnet Books. 

This week, I have another exciting review. 
Reading and Math Combined Workbook

These workbooks are great. The pictures are big, the colors are bright and they appeal to the youngings.  There is so much content in these books, you will have lessons for weeks on end!

I LOVE CTP approach to the 3 easy steps to learning! Achieve reading success through expertly written stories designed to support beginning readers.Build thinking skills with questions that boost vocabulary and develop comprehension.Practice skills smartly through engaging activities devised to help children extend their mastery of the skills covered in each story. We love the stories from the Learn to Read series and the skills worksheets that go along with it. The girls are able to read this with me and answer the questions on each …

Collage Friday - Birthday Edition

Tomorrow is our middle child's birthday.. (last weekend was her "kids" party - tomorrow is our family gathering)
"born to do great things"
artist, dancer, shy, drama, actress, lover of animals, gymnast

Walking at 8 months old....never been able to stop her since...

Today is our "birthday day" where we go to Toys R Us and she gets her crown and balloon, spend some gift cards and go out to lunch. I have been doing this with our children since they were old enough to know what a birthday is.

SCHOOL - we were busy this week although I did not take many pictures.....
The weather was so nice most of the week we took advantage of it and went outside as much as possible.  Here are some pictures from a visit to a little "trailside zoo" that we go to...

I hope you get a chance to link up over at Mary's Homegrown Learners - Collage Friday - where homeschoolers share what is going on in their home that week!  
Don't forget to enter this gr…

Kiwi Crate - SALE!

If you are a follower of our blog you will know that we are HUGE Fans of Kiwi Crate.  
Our girls are hooked and so am I!
There is a great sale going on for a few more days!

These crates would make a wonderful Easter gift for any young child! 
Better than candy! 

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