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Collage Friday and a Party

Yes my friends if you are reading this post that means another week has gone before our eyes!  It was a busy one here at the Joys of Home Educating!   With school and extra activities wrapping up we finally found time to rest and

Our newest "family" member - girls named her "Janey Newell"...she or he lives in the play yard - leaves us alone but loves to sunbath on the kids gym equipment.  

Fun with some Kiwi Crates this week!  These are worth their weight in gold. So educational and so fun!  Quality of crates and materials is excellent!

Fun with Science this week using our Magic School Bus - Grow Amazing Polymers Experiments. 

Here is what is happening outside....Bees are loving our flowers....chipmunks are loving the seeds that drop from the feeders and our little baby birds are very content in their nest.   What you dont see....two racoons that keep giving us a run for our money at night....woodchucks getting into the garage for a look see…

Wordless Wednesday

Collage Friday

Everytime I write this Collage Friday post I just can't believe another 7 days has been wiped off the calendar.   If you are not familiar with Collage Friday over at Homegrown Learners - please check it out. It is full of information, fellowship and oh so much fun!  

Last Friday we had our usual Friday Family Happy Hour - for more information on this great family time - I invite you to check THIS post out!

In school this week - we were all over the board...crafting with our Kiwi Crates, gardening on our deck and getting caught up on our Scholastic Newsletters. 

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend and Daddy is off again on Monday (HUZZAH!)  we are hosting a small get together on Saturday with a few homechooling families - kinda a celebration of the year!   They are predicting rain, which is a party (and party planner) nightmare  however, with a smaller crowd inside will work fine...just pictures wont be as "nice 'as I wanted them!
Theme:Memorial Day - NYC Style!  

I pray your …

Wordless Wednesday

Collage Friday

Last weekend, Mother's Day weekend, we went camping in our Travel Trailer...All was good, for the most part.  Our BFF's who normally meet up with us camping had to cancel at the last minute as one of their children was too sick to be away from home 8(   This also resulted in our children being sad 8( and "bored"   It did rain most of the day on Saturday but we made the best of it...walking in the rain never melted anyone I know 8)  
 Eric took this entire week off and we have been busy beavers with yard work, landscaping, painting projects and more...we decided at the last minute to take the entire week of school off (HUZZAH) but will be getting back into the swing of things on Monday (booo)....Anyway, here are a few pics from our weekend...

Wont you join me over at Homegrown Learners to see what others are up too?   Enjoy the weekend!

Collage Friday

Another week flew by....we were a very busy family!  

Started with last weekend - it was our Sammie's 4th Birthday and she had not one but TWO celebrations!
Saturday with her friends at the gym - Olympic Gymnastics Party
and then on Sunday with the family - Cinco de Mayo Party!  Both were a lot of fun to style for her!

Field Trip to a small zoo this week in NJ - beautiful day!

Started back with our Little Passports curriculum with a "trip to Australia

Another "field trip" with an outing to our local Creamery was in order!  The views are just breathtaking. The sky was SO blue that day!

As you read this post we are preparing the Camper (aka travel trailer) for Mother's Day Weekend camping trip!  (pray rain holds off!)

I hope you get a chance to thank a Mother this weekend for all she does - even if it's not your own mom - support another mom!  
Can't wait to blog about our 1st Camping adventure in our camper - hope some good stories to tell!  
Join …

Wordless Wednesday

Happy Birthday to our Sammie

TODAY is our Samantha's (AKA Sammie) 4th Birthday!  She is an adventurous  beautiful, soulful girl and loved by all.  I can't wait to see what the next year brings for Sammie! 
HUZZAH to Samantha!

Collage Friday

WOW Where did this first week of May go?  We have been traveling, busy with outside fun and more...

Last Friday (for an overnight). Zachary and I went to PA to a Home Show - that had a LEGO Competition. Meet up with friends, made new friends and had a great time!

We also hosted the All American BBQ at our church this past weekend. The kids all played, ate hot dogs and some great fellowship was happening! 

Our birds and trees are bursting with SPRING!  We have 5 pair of cardinals in our yard and they are hungry little birdies!  The trees are all in bloom too. Makes me smile!
Also this week, I had my stitches removed (ouch) and working on my lesson plans for May!  We travel this month as our first camping trip with our new travel trailer is a week away!  Mothers Day - getting together with our BFF's and more!  WOW!   In addition - two birthday parties we are hosting this weekend!  Our youngest, Samantha, turns 4!  HUZZAH!
(last year's party was our Woodland party - you can check it o…