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What a month it's been.....

It's been a month since I had a blog post up and with good reason.  We moved!!!    We found, what is as close as we could get without building ourselves, our dream home.  It has not been without sacrifice, hard work and lots of prayer that brought us to this place.  I give all the credit to HIM!

It's a 20 year old farmhouse that has modern twists on the inside.  I fell in love with the wrap around porch and all the character and charm of the house.  My kids feel in love with the pool and the 9.5 acres of land (including a side of a mountain).  My husband feel in love with the privacy of a private road and all the land.  

We went from 2100 sq feet to 4200 sq feet and I can tell you I have no idea how we fit all our "stuff" into the other house when I am finding it hard to find space here! 

We still have not closed on our old house yet but that is forthcoming.  We have been so busy, cleaning, unpacking along with keeping up on the kids extracurricular classes.  If you fol…