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Collage Friday

It seems that each week I write my Collage Friday time has June is gone...Bring on July!
Over the weekend - besides cleaning out the camper and doing unlimited amounts of laundry - I took the kids to see Monsters University   Being the budget conscience mom that I am, movies really are not affordable for us. HOWEVER, Molly had $ 30 in GC's to AMC Theaters and it only cost us $ 2 for the kids and I to go to the Matinee showing.    It was really cute and worth it! 

We decided, as a family, that we are changing our "formal school" for the Summer.  Each day a different subject...Monday Math, Tuesday Writing, Wednesday Geography, Thursday Science, Friday Misc.  With reading every day - no exceptions on reading.  We are continuing with our Friday Fun Bowling(Kids Bowl Free program) that we have been doing since April.  
We bought a season pass to our local "lake" beach.  First trip was Monday.   It's about 15 mins from our home!  

Some other fun family o…

Wordless Wednesday

Getting Kids to Write! (and a LEGO Printable)

It's a sure bet that if you ask Zachary to write a story, copy work or anything else to do with writing he will moan and whatever he can to get out of the assignment or make it shorter.
  It's always been a struggle for him to physically write. He is great at telling the stories and telling me, in words, what he wants to write. He never learned, not because I did not try to teach him, to hold the pencil correctly. His handwriting looks like a preschoolers chicken scratch.  Now ask the boy to type anything and he is a speed demon.  lol....
HOWEVER, when Mary over at Homegrown Learners created these cool writing prompts using LEGO Mini Figures as her point of interest, well I thought, why not give it one last try....

I printed them all out and put them into our Tuesday Writing folder.  Today when he asked what he had for work...I pulled out just three of the prompts and told him to think of a creative sentence and he had to write them down.  Strangely he did not say anyt…

A camping we will go...Part 1

As many of you know, our family took a week long vacation  last week with our new travel trailer.  Hubby was up for the weekend and then had to go back home for work. So the children and I were fending for ourselves (except when Grandma came to visit).  Being tent campers for years, we pretty much knew it all (HAHAHA).  I am one to do my research and be as thorough as I can. Guess I missed a chapter or two on camping with your Travel Trailer! HA   We felt a little like The Griswolds last week! 

Here are a few pieces of advice for new campers using their trailer for the 1st time....
IF rain is predicted upon arrival to your site, 1st set up your awning and then take out all your crap supplies and put them under the awning. not the other way around - rest assured it will downpour the minute you take all the supplies out and the awning is NOT up.  

(found this little guy on Pinterest, no link though 8( )

"They say" to use 1 ply toilet paper for a reason!  Don't bring your 2 pl…

Collage Friday - our camping week in pictures

We just arrived home, a few hours ago, from a week long camping trip in our travel trailer. You can see how committed I am to Mary and her Collage Friday!  LOL...I hurried and put together some collages from our week camping.  Oh the stories I have for you all....coming up next week....for now, pictures will have to do!
Did you get a chance to follow me on Instagram?  If so, some of these pictures might look familiar!

I hope to get to everyone's link from this weeks' party!  I am so sorry I did not get to comment on last week's link ups...internet spotty and IPad not the easiest to use when internet is slow 8(   Ok, gotta run....12 loads of laundry await me....
Enjoy the weekend!  Be Back to Fill Y'all in  later!

Collage Friday

Yes my friends - June is in full swing...rain has made everything so green and lush here in NY!  We are preparing (as you read this) to leave for a week long camping trip in our new Travel Trailer!  What I am looking forward to the most.... NO COMPUTER for the kids to sit in front of!  More time with ME outdoors!  Hubby will be there for the Father's Day weekend and then back home for the work week..coming back to get us on Friday.  SO I am doing this solo!  Pray for me please!  Pray for great weather!  My mom (aka Bubby) will be coming up to visit for a few days also!  

We are off to Jellystone (only about an hour from our home...)  great for the children and we are so familiar with this campground kinda feels like a 2nd home!  We are new to their RV sites though! 

This picture was taken LAST FATHER'S Day Weekend - we camp with our BFF's (they were nursing a sick child for Mother's Day weekend so they had to cancel if you remember)  So see our 2012 Celebration with a CH…

Wordless Wednesday

Summer Bucket List and Free Printables

Not that I am trying to rush things, BUT, Summer will be here before you know it!  Our local Farmer's Market starts up this week...rain has been falling a lot making everything soooo green and along with all this change in seasons comes our 
Summer Bucket List!

We were not able to do EVERYTHING on our Spring list but did cross off about half.   
If you are interested in making your own list, I invite you to go to Eye Candy Event Details for a FREE Download of a blank list!   Or you can do what we do - has a great premade list for you.  Definitely some challenges for us on this list!
  I have seen some really cute ideas on Pinterest for Bucket lists....


source (this has free printables also!)


Do you make a list?  Do your children add to it? 
Whatever your process - enjoy the summer...relax...have fun!
Be Blessed!

Collage Friday

It's June - HUZZAH!
Like most weeks around The Joys of Home Educating we are non-stop fun!  Last weekend was Molly's ballet recital. She ROCKED IT!   Of course a little reception was in order afterwards!  We also had a few family movie nights outdoors!

We were invited to help celebrate a good friend turning 5 last weekend!  Strawberry Shortcake was the theme and she was so cute in her costume!  

Home Educating.....
We leave for a week long camping vacation in a week and in preparation for that I had emailed a woman about a homeschooling program that will be going on the same time we are at the campgrounds (who knew, right!)
Anyway, it seems that their program is "closed" to additional participants, but could not hurt to ask, right?!  This woman, in emailing me back, informed me that "her group" of home schoolers are a "radical unschooling" group. 
 This intrigued me. I am familiar with "unschoolers" but the term "radical" got the bes…