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Shining the Spotlight

Today at Woodwater Farmhouse, I am sharing with you a company that  not only meets but exceeds my expectation.  In service and product. 
Rustic Honey

The owner's name is Lauren Moran and I can see why her shop is so successful!  Rustic Honey is a lifestyle boutique. They offer women's clothing and accessories, children's wear, home goods, vintage finds, handmade gifts and more!  Let's look at this business card first. First impressions are everything in my book.  (I did not get a picture of the adorable chalkboard wrapping that the box was wrapped in but it was so cute!)

It's cute, to the point and shows her style.

Not even talking about the farmhouse towel that I ordered yet...but come on a hand written note to me personally and has all her social media outlets on there also. Clever!  On the opposite side of this personalized note is the cutest quote and picture. 

Ok I am getting to the towel I's HUGE and adorable. The printing is clear and impressive!�…

New Directions

Happy Monday and Happy Halloween! 

I hope your weekend was fabulous and the start to November is peaceful!  
As with most things in your life, change is inevitable.  I have been blogging now for over 9 years about home educating our children and the joys (and everything in between) of it.  I find that now that the children are older they seem to be going in new directions with the way in which they learn. Blogging about our day or week does not seem as exciting to me (maybe not you either) anymore.  
We recently moved into our "forever home" and this farmhouse has so much to offer us as far as the property and exploring goes.  We more than doubled the size of our living space and it's a totally different type of house that we were used to. I find myself excited again to decorate and make the house a home for the family. 
With much prayer and consideration, I am going in a new direction and have changed the name of the blog from The Joys of Home Educating to Woodwater Farmhou…

Weekly Wrap Up

Welcome to the weekly wrap up...
Not too many pictures this week of school related activities...

The weather is a changin' here in New York.  Rain boots and light winter coats were necessary this week a few times.  We actually had snow flakes Thursday morning for a while. 
The leaves are so pretty here at the farmhouse!  
Last weekend, the hubster and his BFF drove down to Phili for the Eagles Vs Vikings game. (That's all I want to say about that #VikingsNeverShowedUP)   Fun nonetheless. 

Samantha had a very important meeting this week with the Grand Master of the martial arts center where she trains (black belt meeting - testing in June).  She got all dressed up and made me very proud!  
Did you miss my post yesterday on The Smile Mile?  If you didn't, then I encourage you to check it out! 

What's up for the weekend...
- kids have a soccer tournament (praying for nice weather). -We are hosting a dinner party with 3 other couples on Saturday night (the kids will be sta…

The Smile Mile - a book for your home library

Hi Friends - I am so excited to share this special gift that my friend, Hope, has written!  
Hope is a mom not unlike you and I. She is a living testimony on what it means to be joyfully present with her family.  Hope is involved in her church, the community, an author and is always there to go the extra Smile Mile
The Smile Mile is a book the inspires children to go the extra mile…at home, in school, at church and in their community.

In Hope's words: "This story represents the absolute power of God and is a genuine example of how He utilized my God-given gifts to spread His word. I was inspired to write this story after reading "The Adrian Rogers Legacy Bible" © 2009 by Love Worth Finding Ministries, Inc.; focusing on Mr. Roger's message related to The Beatitudes and going the "Miracle Mile". This story was born in hopes that children (and families) all over the world will be inspired to apply their own Smile Miles. Remember, &…

Wordless Wednesday

Crafting Tuesday - Halloween Soaps

Not only is this a fun craft that the kids can get involved but it doubles as Science class also! 

We went to the local Dollar Tree and bought the silicone molds (they are really ice cub molds but worked great). We went to Michael's and got the glycieron chunk and colors. 
It was easy to do. Melting it took less than a minute, added the coloring, poured and waited for them to be hard (40 mins or so). Popped them out and there you have it. We did not do scents this time, but will next time. They are cute and will be a great addition to the bathroom counter!

We had some extra and poured that into silicone cupcake holders and made bigger soaps for the grandmas for a little gift when we see them! You could do any holiday, theme etc...sooo easy!

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Weekly Update - Fall time

What a few weeks we have had!  The colors here at the farmhouse are almost too gorgeous to describe in words.  We have been full force back to school and outside a lot! 
If you are a first time guest, welcome!  If you are a returning friend, howdie!
In case you missed a blog post this week we shared a goodie!  
Healthier Candy Apples

What's been happening at Woodwater Farmhouse....

Art for kids - one of our all time favorite websites for art tutorials. Mostly drawing. They are fun and quick!  Art For Kids  great for all ages!
Learning about bats this week. We have plenty of them here at the farmhouse.  Did you know the giant golden-crowned flying fox (Acerodon jubatus), also known as the golden-capped fruit bat, is a rare megabat and one of the largest bats in the world. These creatures have up to a 4 foot wingspan. WOOZA
The little assassin bug was on our deck this week hanging out along with hundreds of ladybugs. 
For Science, I did not buy the A Beka series for the girls this year and …

Healthier Candy Apples - kids can cook

Happy Friday! 

We interrupt the usual Weekly Update to bring you a yummy treat for the fall!

Tis the season for all things pumpkin and apple. Apple picking is a family tradition for us. Sadly none of our children like applesauce, apple pie or apple crisp. They are more just plain old apple kids. I wanted to make some sort of treat using the apples we picked at the orchard.  

  Trying to come up with some fall-like creative snack ideas for the children can be a task.  Here is a quick healthier version of the traditional candy apple. 

Using Macintosh apples, organic honey and organic graham crackers you can create a fun and healthy snack for after school.  
You will need some sort of stick in the center of your apple. 
 Dipping each apple into a plate of honey, rolling it around and getting is nice and sticky.  
Then smash up (the kids can help with this one) the graham crackers in a sealed baggie. 
Next roll the honey coated apples into the smashed up cracker mix.  Let them set up on some parc…

Wordless Wedesday

Weekly Update - Fall is in the air

Finally the weather we have been waiting for. Cool crisp mornings and t-shirt afternoons.  Nights have been getting nice and cool. 
We have had a busy week with our newest addition to the family! (scroll down).  We have been planning on getting a dog from a shelter for about 5 years but the timing was not right and then with the move we needed to be able to breath a little before we added one to the family! We have had to go to the vet twice this week. Sadly she has environmental allergies which means she will be on medication for the rest of her life...sigh...

We mailed out our 1st Nature Pal Exchange box!  We are paired up with a family in Tennessee!  Kids are excited! 
Also it's fall cooking time and I have been coking up a storm!  Baking a lot also (not good for the waste line but everything in moderation!)

Introducing - Lilly Newell.  Our BFF's last name is Lilly and we think she looks like a Lilly. Her name at the shelter was Elsa but she really did not even know that name. …