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Farm Camping 101

Last weekend we went a little out of our comfort zone and camped at  FARM Campground.  My first impression was not the best, I will admit. I think I have turned into a "snobby" camper.  Expecting a certain standard the minute I drive on to the grounds. 
 I quickly put into my place, knocked down a notch, off of my high horse. This was probably one of the BEST camping weekends we have ever had as a family.  
Across from our campsite were mini horses, a month old calf and her mom, turkeys and more...the kids were in their glory with all the outdoor fun...gezz no one seemed to miss the Ipads, TVs or computers one bit!

Isn't it beautiful!
This lamb was born while were we there...5 pm on Saturday 10 am Sunday morning we were holding them, loving them and being a part of their first life experiences. 
 Sammie want to take this little girl home.  

This calf was born the day after Easter. She was SOO cute and still getting used to her legs. Her mama did not venture too far …

Camping for Mother's Day.....a tradition of the still affordable vacations left for families.  
I remember camping when I was younger and I can still remember all the fun we had fishing, campfires, running around, exploring nature and staying up until all hours of the night catching fireflies. 
I want my children to have those memories and we are making that happen!
We have been camping with the same family for years now. We tend to gravitate towards this one particular place more than others as it's conveniently located between both families and it's extremely kid friendly. 

This Mother's Day weekend is always our kick off weekend for camping.  We upgraded to a travel trailer last year but our friends are still "roughing" it in a tent (truth be told, I do miss a tent every now and then).

These children have been friends and camping buddies since they were knee high to a grasshopper...

A Golden Birthday

Happy Birthday to our youngest who turns 5 today!  On the fifth month on the fifth day!  It's a trifecta!

Some call this the Golden Birthday!  
We celebrated over the weekend both days!  Saturday with family and Sunday with her friends. We had a great time, despite some liquid sunshine. 
I hope you celebrate something fun this week! 
Until next time - be blessed!

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