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New Year, Goals, Crafts, Links and a Request

We had off last week of school to enjoy family and all the fun of the season. We are also off this week!  
My head is clogged up with so many goals and activities for the New Year.  I am taking this week to regroup, replan and reevaluate our household needs and wants.

If you followed along, for the last two months,  we have changed the way we eat and think about food.  Getting rid of almost all our processed food and eating 90% organic and whole foods (real foods).  We have all transitioned to this new way of thinking and eating without many bumps in the road!  I am also still sticking to my $ 100 - $ 120 per week food budget (for 5 people with lunches included for hubby at work).  I have been able to menu plan and get creative with our budget (not using many coupons).  It is amazing when you cut out the processed food from your food list and add in the organics, the budget really did not change much at all!  (more on this to come in January)

On to the goals....

Personal Goals:
Taking care…

Winter Olympics - 2014 - Sochi

Happy 2014! (well almost..)  We are ready for the new year and excited for what is coming up in school!  Besides the fun "winter teachings" with snowflakes, snowmen and arctic animals...we are gearing up for the
2014 Winter Olympics!
I wanted to quickly share my Pinterest Page for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia!  I am starting to pin a ton of ideas that you can use in your classroom!  

I am excited as the winter games are my favorite!  If you have any sites that you want to share with regards to the Olympics, please let them in the comments section!  Thanks y'all and Be Blessed!

My Favorite Things - GIVEAWAY

You have made it to the end of the 7 days of My Favorite Things.  What did you think of all the awesome products that I told you about? 
 I can say with certainty that everything that I reviewed and highlighted each day are superior products.  You would be blessed to win any of them separately. However, you have a chance to win BIG!  
Today starts the Giveaway week!
Here is a recap of last week by day and also what is being given away!

Day 1 
A personalized NamePlaque with FREE SHIPPING! (retail value $ 19.95)

You will be able to pick the name you need for this prize. 
Don't forget the special code: JoysOfHome15 to get a discount on the NamePlaque! (ANYONE CAN USE THIS CODE)

Day 2 Tailor Made Whiteboards A coupon Code valued at $ 89.95 to be used as you want! (retail value $ 89.95)

Fine Print:  (that would get you 1 18"X24'"dry erase board with the quick change frame style!) Plus FREE SHIPPING  - that's a huge savings!  (Free shipping charges would be credited after the order …

My Favorite Things - Day 7

Day 7 

If you missed any of the previous days, there is a link at the end of this post


You might remember last month when I reviewed this curriculum. Our daughter, Molly, was a slow-to-learn reader and when we started using Alpha-Phonics you would not believe the transition from frustrated reader and happy reader!  I so promote and stand behind Alpha-Phonics!
Specializing in: Phonics, Reading using phonics, Cursive Handwriting,
Arithmetic, Spelling and Grammar.

Here is some background on Alpha-Phonics in their own words...

We offer the basics for homeschool instruction and assistance to public school students from beginning instruction through approximately the 7th. grade; through high school in math and grammar. 
You need to home educate your children in order to benefit from Alpha-Phonics. It can give extra help to those reluctant readers also.
I encourage you to go back and read my review of Alpha-Phonics. You can find that post HERE.
Today's Secret Letter: N
In case you mis…

My Favorite Things - Day 6

Day 6 
If you missed any of the previous days, there is a link at the end of this post

Today's post comes to us from The Language Bear.  Not familiar with Bosley?  Oh you need to be!  Bosley is a bear that teaches through books and also speaks many different languages!  That's one smart bear!

Meet the author of these wonderful teaching books - Tim Johnson

In his own words....
My name is Tim Johnson and I began this project out of my passion for dual language books and to help expose young children all around the world to new languages.  It is my dream to raise my twin boys speaking or at least understanding many languages and help others do the same. The first Bosley book,Bosley Sees the Worldwas published in 2011 and received a great response from teachers, homeschoolers and parents from around the world.  The series will continue as long as people continue to enjoy their adventures with Bosley. I am writing these books with the deliberate intention of teaching young children new w…

My Favorite Things - Day 5

Day 5

If you missed any of the previous days, there is a link at the end of this post

Being a home educating mom I am always in search of a great curriculum, worksheets, unit studies and more for our children. Day 5 of My Favorite Things fits that bill!

Enchanted Homeschooling Mom

Meet here words....
Hello! My name is Jill and I am the author and creator of the Enchanted Homeschool Mom Blogand the Enchanted Homeschooling Mom Member’s Only Website. Between the two I have my printable creations, original curriculum’s, lesson ideas, recipes, giveaways, and much, much more! I have a wonderful husband who works full time as a Civil Engineer outside of our home and is my best friend, our son Beck who cracks me up daily, our pistol packing princess Elizabeth whose strong will and determination amaze me, and our four furry children (dogs). Homeschooling has become such an integral part of our life that it is just normal to me. I love the flexibility homeschooling affords and there is not…

My Favorite Things - Day 4

Day 4
If you missed any of the previous days, there is a link at the end of this post

book bo͝ok/ noun 1. a written or printed work consisting of pages glued or sewn together along one side and bound in covers.

Couldn't wait for you all to see what Day 4 has in store for us all!
Helping Christian parents teach their kids about God. (They had me at HELLO!)
In their own words...
The ability to learn and read are God-given gifts that awaken the mind, open the heart, and nourish the soul. We give thanks for our blessings and commit our corporation to giving back from the start as a sign of our gratitude. We will be sharing a love of reading and the gift of literacy to children in need by donating books and a portion of our earnings to nonprofit organizations near our home in Austin, Texas, throughout the United States, and across the world. Powerful stuff!  
If you are not yet familiar with the books from Graham Blanchard, you should be!  These are books that not only hel…

My Favorite Things - Day 3

Day 3

If you missed any of the previous days, there is a link at the end of this post

Today I am highlighting 3 of my favorite Etsy Shops that sell three of My Favorite Things!
Skylar Raine

Laura, owner and creator (and proud to say my friend) of Skylar Raine makes beautiful accessories for your home and for YOU!  I have purchased several of her headbands and rings.  Her craftsmanship is excellent!  I love the color combinations she puts together. 

Her shop has everything from earrings to headbands to bow ties to picture frames. Using the most fashionable material keeping you and your home up to date with the latest and greatest styles! Her items are very affordable and won't break anyone's piggy bank!
To order for the holidays (or anytime) check out her Etsy Shop HERE!  

BONUS: As part of a HUGE Giveaway there is a chance for you to win a $ 30 credit to Skylar Raine if you go HERE for easy entries!
DOUBLE BONUS:  If you want to order from today until the 12th you can go HERE to find …