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WOW now that the holiday shopping is behind me and the bills have already been paid off (thank you hubby who budgets so well..) am I am back to my NO SPEND JANUARY.  Hoping it offsets the overspending we did this Christmas.   We, as a family, love the challenge and it helps us show discipline and respect for what we DO have.  Lots of board games, DVD rentals from Library (free) and family time!
I want to challenge myself to do better in January when it comes to our grocery budget.  We really don't have a "budget" as far as the traditional word goes.  However, I have my own budget that i like to stick to.  Last year it was $ 150 per week average on groceries.  Which for a family of 5 who 4 of them are home most days and hubby brings leftovers everyday, is not bad. (mind you we eat mostly organic and whole foods)
My personal grocery challenge:  To only spend $ 100 per week - which means giving up my Shop From Home option (fee of $ 5.95 per week for a private shopper to shop…

No Spend January - prepping

I am starting to think about the NO SPEND CHALLENGE month again for January.  The hubby and I decided we are already ALL IN!  IF you are thinking about it, I encourage you to pray about it!  

Some things to remember to prep yourself:

The good thing is, this is not a do or die thing.  You just do the best you can with the challenge and don't beat yourself up over it.   

1.  Unsubscribe to all those websites that entice you everyday to buy their latest and greatest "things".

2.  Do some stocking up if you want to. If this is your first time doing the challenge and you are worried you will run out of wine or the family loves their Friday night pizzas - then stock up...go buy a few extra bottles and stash them away or some frozen pizza's (instead of ordering out) or better yet - have a Make Your Own Pizza night in the house (buy the dough, cheese and sauce)

3,  Necessary monthly bills (rent, mortgage, utilities, student loans etc) are to be paid (not inclu…

Season of Advent - DIY Wreath

Putting together a simple advent wreath that doubles as a centerpiece, can't be easier...
Check out my post with all the details. 

Weekly Wrap Up - December!

It seems like weeks since I have been "here"...well really has been.  After my hand surgery (which went fine and stitches just came out - thanks for well wishes and prayers) I was not able to type real well and the blog was on a little hiatus...
We are back in full swing now and going strong! 

Last weekend:
Christmas celebration with the cousinsStarted some house decorating (most is still in storage)Molly doll was helping me out

We got out a lot this week:
Hot cocoa and some sweets in between errandsToys for Tots drop offFood pantry drop offTwo different stores for Sammie Claus - helping ring the bell and bringing in the people to donate!

We started our Christmas Around the World unit.  Each school day - a new country!  We are so enjoying it! I made up these "suitcases" and gathered everything from around blogland (freebies) to put together the units. You can check out my pinterest board for all the freebies! HERE

It's been a great reading week with a ton of themed book…