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Weekly Wrap Up - NYC Style

Happy Friday Y'all! 
So glad you stopped by to check in on our homeschool happenings...
Last weekend (Monday actually) was my 48th birthday celebration weekend and it was jam packed with fun experiences!
If you follow me on Instagram you were in for a lot of posts from the city!
I invited two friends into NYC with me to have a fun world wind 24 hours (we live about an hour away from the city but rarely go in). We took the train (Metro North) into Grand Central Station.  We stayed at the Marriott across from Bryant Park and I would HIGHLY recommend this hotel to ANYONE who visits the area. It had a nice kitchen and two queen beds. FULL breakfast in the morning was included and free wifi!
My friend who is facing the wall in the upper picture was talking and listening to me whisper from the opposite side of the arch in front of the Oyster Bar at Grand Central. It's amazing how she could hear me among all the hustle and bustle of the terminal. Called the Whispering Wall for good reason…

Wrapping It all Up - MAJOR NEWS!

Happy Friday everyone!  
Welcome to The Joys of Home Educating - a place where I share the ins and outs of home educating our three children.
Today is our weekend Wrap Up!

What is not pictured this week:  COLD and RAINY weather. Yesterday was nice and I took advantage of it. Haircuts, out to lunch and library.  Also the usual classes - martial arts and sewing. Plus bible study for Zachary
Ok on to the most exiting major news ever!  We found a house we want to buy and we are putting an offer in on it TODAY!  It's only within 10 miles of our current house but it has 99% of what we are looking for and that's better than I thought we would find!  
The agent also came over yesterday with a photographer and took pictures of our home and should be up on the market next week!
I will keep you all updated as we go thru this process!
What's up for the weekend:
Today - back over to the house for another look see and offer to the sellers.
Tomorrow morning I leave with two gal pals for NYC for t…

Wrapping up the Week - Collage Friday

Welcome to our weekly collage in pictures.   It was a snowy week on and off and the Superbowl kicked it all off last Sunday!
So glad the Broncos won! 

Zachary's latest LEGO Stop Motion video

One thing I started doing recently is separating out my Pins on Pinterest for homeschooling by month. If you are interested in finding some activities, worksheets, projects for the children, I invite you to check out these Pin worthy pages:

Homeschool February Homeschool March Homeschool April (just started working on this one)
Hoping you have a great weekend...we have a lot going on! 
What's up for the weekend:

February - week 1 - wrap up

Happy February! 
February means...groundhogs, Chinese New Year, presidents, valentines, my birthday and more....
Here a look in pictures at our first week this February...