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Fall Farm Camping - wrap up

Ah fall is here!   With only one week left of our summer school schedule we were able to sneak in a fall farm camping last weekend with our BFF's.  You might remember we have been here before (Pleasant Acres). The children have so much fun and the family who owns and runs it is so nice. 

So much to see and do. The grounds are small and cozy. It's a tight knit group of seasonal campers mostly from NJ and NY and then some weekenders like us.  

It was the campgrounds Halloween Weekend. Complete with a costume contest for children of all ages.  There were 60 kids and adults total who entered and dressed up...Yours truly won the First Prize Blue Ribbon for the adults!  (16 and up)  Proudly displaying the blue ribbon in the camper!

The weather was perfect. Jeans and long sleeve at night and early morning and shorts during the day. Bonfires, s'mores and all of the fun that goes along with camping. 

Now that camping is over, we are able to keep the camper on our own property now that w…

Weekly Wrap Up - summertime wrap up

Welcome friends and welcome fall?! 
While I swoon over all the Instagram pictures of everyone's perfect fall decor and loveliness, we are trying hard to get to cooler temps here in NY.  It tempted us for a few days but low and behold back up to the 90's midweek...sigh....
Oh well....we keep praying and know that fall will be here before you know it...
We were at Great Wolf Lodge, Poconos last week for the Not Back to School week!  OMGosh friends, over 300 homeschooling families from NY, NJ, PA and a few from Maryland were in attendance...homeschoolers TOOK OVER the lodge!   It was great having like minded people to chat with and throw ideas around. The kids were having a ball meeting new friends and exchanging ideas. 

The weather was great inside and out!  The girls and I conquered some fears. This ropes course looked easy from the ground but HOLY COW friends I had no business being up there once, let alone twice...I am the mom, caretaker, caregiver, teacher, cook, maid, taxi driv…