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Collage Friday - challenging week

Welcome to the end of the week - it's been a do-z of one!
The week ended last Friday with our Kids Bowl Free program. This year we decided to buy the bowling shoes for the kids instead of  $ 10.50 a pop to rent each time.  Did the math, worked out!  We met up with some other friend also.  

On Monday I went in for my surgery to remove some cancer from my face.  It's been a challenge to keep up with school, household chores, and taking care of the family. It's only been thru the Grace of God, my prayer warriors (and a few good  friends who helped with meal drop offs) that I have gotten thru the first 5 days.  There are 26 stitches total (inside and surface). It itches all the time and it's not the prettiest thing in the world to look at 8(   On the plus side, they were able to get all the cancer out!  HUZZAH for that!   Stitches come out on Monday and the healing process will continue. Doctor said that the scars will heal and fad over the years.  
I was able to get outside a…

wordless wednesday

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Happy Earth Day

Have a wonderful happy Earth Day!  

Collage Friday - it's a wrap!

Happy Friday - here we are again, another week flown by!  We have been able to get outside A LOT this week, thank you Lord.  It's been a fun, "earthy" kinda week!  

More planting!  Birds are in abundance here at the feeders. (using my new lens to capture them!)

Our trees and flowers are all coming alive!

The girls received a new Kiwi Crate this week - Earth day was the topic of the crafts. This craft was stamping a recycled bag using clay and leaves. It was fun!  (they saved the other craft for Monday!)
If you did not get a chance to get out and celebrate the earth yet - there is still time!  

Check out our recycled juice we are helping the birds! Click HERE!
I am finally getting out for the day tomorrow with my gal pal, Kimberly and we are partaking in much needed retail therapy! lol  
I pray your weekend is filled with love and laughter!  
Linking up to Mary over at Homegrown Learners today!  Won't you join me?

FETCH - not what you think

One thing we don't do that often is go out to eat, whether as family or even just hubby and myself.  So its a real treat to go find ourselves away from home for a meal.   I love trying new places and staying local. 
This business opened up a while ago and at first I thought it was a dog grooming to my surprise it's a restaurant that has a dog theme. Not only is it fun and cute but it helps the canine community at the same time.  This particular location (in our town) is a 2nd location for the Chef/Owner Adam Powers(check out his "resume" you will be surprised!).  The original location is in NYC - on 3rd Avenue between 92nd and 93rd. 
To read more about their mission I invite you to check HERE and check it all out.

As you can see it's all about the dogs...big ones...little ones....fluffy ones...and curly grace the walls. You can bring your own dog picture in and they will put it up!
The children had the typical chicken fingers, grille…

Wordless Wenesday

Planting Unit - fun Spring Teachings!

This week marks our two week unit on Planting, Seeds and Earth.  We started off early one morning with taking pictures outside of the first signs of Spring.  Our yard is FILLED with sprinkles of creation and God's beauty!

After our nature walk we started the day by reading Genesis - Creation.  After all isn't that were it all started. 
Then we moved into our seeds unit. Using some worksheets from variety of planting worksheets!) we learned about the life cycle of a seed.
(picture of our seedlings we started weeks ago indoors)

Did you happen to catch our Mini Planting Party over at Catch my Party. EZ way to start the planting season!

I can't wait to share more with you all as our plants grow and we can eat the harvest!  
Until next time - Be Blessed!

Gardening and some FREE Resources

It's April and Spring is in full BLOOM here in New York.  The children and I started some seedlings INSIDE last month and are finally able to put them outside!

Having a full blown garden in our yard is not practical (and near impossible).  We have many creatures that would partake in the daily harvest before we would be able to even get to it - hence we have a garden on our upper deck each year. 

Our planting menu includes: Tomatoes  basil, green beans, rosemary, peppers, thyme and a few other herbs and flowers. 
I am still looking forward to our local farmer's market that runs from late June until October for the veggies we eat on a daily basis.

I just love the outdoors (and so do the children) - getting our hands dirty, finding new creatures and the fresh air is sooooo refreshing from the house that has been closed up all Winter. 

Learning about how seeds start and grow....

Spring crafting - using the cut end of the celery stalk. (flower pictures  - think Mother's Day!)
HERE is…

Collage Friday - Wrapping it up

We find ourselves at the end of a another school week and beginning of a weekend!  How was your week?  Ours was busy as usual - with gym classes, dr. appts, camping out, two public school visits (say what?) and more...
 Over the Winter we participated in our area's (regional) FIRST Lego League (you can find out more informationHERE).  The "team" (aka Lego Kings) was coached by myself  with mentoring from other parents.  For over 3 months (during the Winter)  the boys came together twice a month to work on their project (given to them by the FIRST LEGO League)! Great experience in team building! They went to an entire day of competition and presented their project to the board. What a fun time!  Fast Forward to this week - we were asked to attend the local public school's board meeting on Monday night to be recognized and awarded a certificate.   It was quick but fun!  The kids are FANATICS when it comes to Lego's. If you ask Zachary (since he was 4) what he wants …

Weather Wednesday

Happy Middle of the week everyone!  We are back with another Weather Wednesday!  Last week we discussed water cycles, wind and more... This week we are discussing clouds and temperature along with predictions.  

Our memorization song this week....

Our experiment this week was for each child to take a thermometer and place it somewhere different. Sammie put hers in the shade outside. While Zachary put his in the sun outside and Molly in the freezer.  We waited 5 minutes (about all they could and while they waited they made predictions as to what their thermometer would "read". 

Outcome of our predictions and temperature experiment:  Molly guessed 37 degrees and her's read 38 degrees.  Right on!  Zachary predicted 70 and his thermometer read 89 WOW!  Sammie (shaded thermometer)  predicted 60 and her's read 70 in the shade.  We all agreed the shade was the place to be today! 

We were all interested to see what the average temperature in our area is usually for …