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Black Friday Shopping and some FREEBIES

Here are some great deals for your Black Friday and beyond!
This blog post contains affiliate links. 
Kiwi Crate
Kiwi Crate is THE number one thing on the list for our girls again this year.  We are blessed that my mother likes to purchase a 12 month subscription for each girl. They ALWAYS have fun and NEVER tire of any of the activities that are provided. Not to mention they supplies are top notch quality!
CLICK HERE to found out more and order yours today!

Something for your Thanksgiving Table.... (FREEBIE ALERT)
Jenny over at Bloom Designs Online is offering you a wonderful printable this Thanksgiving season.  You can go to her sight HERE and download to print these lovely lists. Have all you guests fill them out! 

Little Passports

Another exciting curriculum choice for your homeschool.  Take a new adventure each month with Sam and Sofia.  So affordable and everything is provided for you and arrives at your door!
Click HERE to find out how to purchase this great geography curriculum! 


Family Advent Wreath - DIY

Do you celebrate the season of advent?  We do, and making an advent wreath is a tradition in our home. This Sunday starts the 2013 Advent Season. We will be ready!   
Normally I would run out and buy the 3 purple candles, 1 pink candle and 1 larger white candle as the traditional advent wreath calls for. However, this year being the year of "unsubscribing" (see THIS POST for more on that) we decided to use what we had in the house and here is what we came up with!

We found 4 smaller votive candle and 1 larger pillar to use. I also took a twig wreath off the wall and went outside and cut some greens off a branch.  Each day we will read a verse from the Bible (bible verse source) and light our candle as appropriate.  

I think it looks just fine. What do you think?

If you are not family with the Advent Wreath, it's meaning and how it can bless your season, you can read about it more at this site

Be watching for some Black Friday deals on the blog tomorrow and coming soon - My …

Collage Friday - catching up

It's been a real busy and crazy few weeks. I did not even get a chance to link up last week. I was down for the count with the stomach flu.  It was horrible and I never want to relive in again!

This post may contain affiliate links. Please see disclosure policy at the end of the page. 

In addition to trying to keep it all together in the household, a friend of ours received life changing news on Friday. She was diagnosed with Hodgkin s Lymphoma.  It's not a death sentence but it is surely a battle.  The remission rate is excellent for Hodgkin's but the chemotherapy is tough.  Speaking from experience (as a child) I know what she is in for.  I have had the opportunity to sit and speak with her for hours in their home with regards to so many things that are ahead of her.   sigh....prayers will help!  

Ok on to what is happening...

Our Fall soccer season came to an end last weekend.  All the children received their trophies with pride. 

Any chance there is nice weather, warmer tha…

Make It Monday: Thanksgiving Craft: Ball of Yarn Turkey

Thanksgiving Craft: Ball of Yarn Turkey

This fun turkey craft will allow kids to express their thanks for many things we all take for granted, and learn some scriptures verses while having fun!
Material Needed (for each turkey): • One 9-inch polystyrene ball (available at craft shops) • Dark brown yarn—lots! • One 4-inch polystyrene ball • Light brown yarn—lots! • White felt, black felt, yellow felt, red felt. • Crayons • Bond paper in different colors • Elmer’s Glue • Disposable paint brushes • Tooth picks blunt on one end • Steak knife • scissors

Preparation: It will save time to cut out the leaves for the kids. Cut enough so that each child can have 15 to 20.  It will also save time to cut out the eyes, beaks and gobblers.

Introduction: Sometimes we all get caught up in thanking God for the big things that happen in our lives. But our lives are basically made up of many small things - things we often don’t recognize as little gifts from God. Making this crazy turkey will help us remember some and…

Travel Tip Tuesday - Travel Containers

Hello everyone..welcome to another blog post about travel!  It's Travel Tip Tuesday!

With the holidays fast approaching, many families take to the open road to go visiting family and friends.  This Summer we traveled by car A LOT!  I needed something to keep the busy minds busy while I drove hundreds of miles.  I did not want to rely on the DVD player or Ipads the entire time.  
What I did was make up these real cool travel containers for each child. 

Taking advantage of sale items and coupons, dollar stores and my own "stash" of goodies, I was able to fill these up in no time. I even snuck in somethings that they forgot about but were already in the playroom! 
Each child received 1 plastic container with some compartments to keep things separated. (I found these at a dollar store, they are very sturdy!)

Essential items I found were:  Tissues, sugarless gum (these are something they are always asking me for), notepads, fresh new crayons, stickers, pens, pencils, Color Wonder …

Time for a Sweets Break and a Giveaway!

Disclosure: I received the products mentioned below to review. Regardless, I only recommend products I feel would benefit my followers. All opinions are my own and those of my family. Please see my full disclosure policy at the end of this page.  

Being a home educating mother to three wild children blessings, I find myself needing a little "mom time out" on occasion.  Anyone pickin' up with I am layin' down? 
 I know about 2 pm I am looking for just a little something sweet to kick up my afternoon.  I have found the PERFECT little gem for you today! 
The Macaron
 Have you had them?  They are an art in of itself. 

Being a party gal myself, I have heard of the Sucre' Shop out of New Orleans before tasting their perfect confections. Now you can too!

These little pieces of goodness are a married combination of little outside crunch with a smooth middle.  I could not believe all the flavors that were offered in their Signature Macaron Collection.   With flavors like chocol…

Collage Friday

Welcome to another ending of another week here at The Joys of Home Educating.  It's Friday which means it's the day I am linking up over at Homegrown Learners for Mary's link up party - Collage Friday!  Won't you join  me!
We are busy on Thanksgiving teachings this week.  Taking the days slow and being thankful for the space we are in at the moment!

Lots of crafts around the holidays keeping little hands and minds busy!

I can't say enough about Kiwi Crate. If you are looking for a holiday present for a young child, you really care about, then Kiwi Crate is it! 

 We learned about Modern Art this week with an entire day dedicated to it. We had a blast! (see the link on the right side of my blog to check out Kiwi Crate)

The weather took a little turn this week with more Wii Sports was dusted off and competition began!

More Modern Art!

On the home front: 
I have been cleaning, purging and selling off toys that are no longer loved in the house. Making room for a few …

Travel Tip Tuesday - Chicago - Home is Where the Heart Is {guest post}

I am so happy to introduce you to Kendra Thornton today. She is my guest here at The Joys of Home Educating.  
I am a travel advocate, TV spokesperson, PR businesswoman, proud wife and mama of 3.I am a long time travel expert who has been packing my bags and traveling the world since I was 3 months old! However, no matter where I have been, I've found my utmost desire in life is right here in my own home. Today, I have taken my excitement for travel and brought it to you with some of my favorite travel tips and tricks for enjoying my home city of Chicago. Enjoy!

As you all know from reading this blog, we are travelers. We love a fun educational trip and love to share all the details with you all!  Today Kendra is bringing you the best spots to visit in her town - Chicago!
Home is Where the Heart Is
Chicago makes for an incredible place to visit and an even greater place to live. Between the theater, shopping districts, and unique eateries, there is never a dull moment in The Windy Ci…