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Patriotic Party Ideas - budget friendly!

It's been a while since I have done a party post!  Today I wanted to share some of my previous Patriotic Party ideas with you all.  This Memorial Day weekend coming up, we will host our last party in this house 8(    We have always loved entertaining and having friends and family over for fellowship!

This arrangement was as easy as filling my Ball jars with fresh water and a $ 10 bouquet from the grocery store. Adds that pop of color for the table!

I set this up for a fun breakfast for the kids one year on our deck. Nothing fancy but it was a fun surprise for the kiddos. Served watermelon and more kid friendly food. 

When we entertain, I love to have a "greeting" area. Something that sets the stage for the party. I have a table that I set up before you enter our backyard. Again with the grocery store flowers. A free printable I found on Pinterest and a picnic basket with snacks that they can grab on their way in. 

This is another entry way fun idea. Ground level. Chalkboard…

Weekly Wrap up and a sneak peek at our new home!

Hi Y'all!  I am so glad to be able to sit and put my thoughts down in a quick blog post. It's been crazy around the house these past weeks but life moves forward. I wanted to catch everyone up on what's been happening!
The weather is beautiful this week in southern New York and the children have taking full advantage of it.  

I am finally sharing a picture of our new home!  We are not moved in yet but weeks away!  Packing has been a priority along with purging - gosh how much stuff one family can accumulate in 9 and one half  years. WOWZA!  This home and property has 95% of what was on our wish list. We have worked so hard and been so faithful in our finances and making smart decisions over the last 9 plus years it's finally paying off! 

What's been happening....

Samantha celebrated her 7th birthday with 17 friends at the de jong. She had a dog themed party and all the children had a great time!  

 Samantha continues with the martial arts. Keeping her focused and learni…