Some great school finds while on vacation

So one of the things that the Great Wolf Lodge offers is a Cub Club for kids. Lots of arts and crafts projects for the kids to do. One of the products they used were these awesome paint containers with a caddy. My daughter, Molly loved them. They are from Discount School Supply. I order 1 set of the containers, 5 per set and each container holds two diff paints. They have lids also so you dont have to clean out the paint each time. Then the caddy holds them all and has handles! The cost was sooo minimal. I got both the caddy, the set of paint containers and this stamping set, shipped for less than $ 30 and it was here in a day! I was very impressed with the packaging and the fast shipment! I will continue to use them for sure!


melismama said…
I forgot to mention, I even found a code on line for 10 percent off my purchase, it was not much of course, but pennies make dollars!

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