D is for Donut

We have been studying the Letter of the Week and this was is the letter D. Each week, like last week when the letter was C and we went to Chuck E Cheese and then Camping, this week is no different. We sought out a proper letter D representation! The biggest most delicious DONUT we could find! The kids measured it, it was 7.5 inches LONG! Then we cut it into pieces for a fraction lesson. When all was said and done (ate) they could only eat 1/2 between them....lol...It's called The Texas Donut, afterall isn't everything BIGGER in Texas!


Tracy said…
This looks Oh so yummy... and fun!

Tracy at "A Slice of Smith Life"
Jessica said…
That is one big donut! How much fun though!

Jessica @Our Montessori Home
247mama said…
That is so fun! Thanks for visiting my blog as well.

kewkew said…
Love the way you incorporated math. And that is one huge donut.
Followed your link through Preschool Corner. It is nice to meet you.
Jolanthe said…
That is a HUGE donut!! :) I'm sure the kids had so much fun with it too.

Thanks for linking up to Preschool Corner.

Anonymous said…
yum!! That is one big donut!!

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