Time for the nominations to begin!

The 2010 Homeschool Blog Award Nominations have begun!

Take a minute to go to the site (see button to your right) and nominate your favorite Homeschooling Blogs...so many categories...you have a few weeks to nominate!

Good luck everyone!


Tracy said…
Hi Melissa!
I have a few questions about this and I'm wondering if you can answer them for me :)

Do you tell the bloggers you nominated them or does someone contact them for you?
If a blogger is nominated, do the hosts tell the blogger who nominated them or is it anonymous?

This looks like fun and another way to "pay it forward" to let others know about great blogs!

Tracy at "A Slice of Smith Life"
melismama said…
Tracy, this is my 1st time around on these awards, so I really am not sure. Personally, I would send a note to a blog that I am nominating, but that is just me 8)
Tracy said…
Hi Melissa!
Thanks for your reply!

I have just posted about the nominations here on my blog: http://asliceofsmithlife.blogspot.com/2010/10/6th-annual-homeschool-blog-award.html

Thanks for spreading the word since I didn't know about this until I saw your post here on your blog!


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