Carschooling 8)

Yesterday was an awesome day! We had been planning a trip North to see friends who recently moved about 2 1/2 hours away. After having to postpone 1 time, we finally made it. The kids were up early, packed up and left by 8 am! I had not "planned" on schooling (formally) however, it just naturally happened. Our Letter of the Week is "H" this week and the children were just naming things left and right that they were seeing on the way with H in them. Billboards, signs, side of trucks...words were everywhere! We traveled through the Catskill Mountains and were in awe of the colors of the leaves. The children were great on the trip and kept coming up with H words the entire way.

While we were there having fun with our friends, we even broke out their white board and "had school"! The kids just gravitate to learning. We had a nice time with our buddies and the ride home everyone slept!

When we got home, I made homemade pizza and then the kids wanted to do their usual Monday work in their workbooks etc. I did not argue 8)

All in all and great day carschooling and more!


Lindsay said…
yay for a day of schooling even when it wasn't planned! Isn't it amazing how much you really can learn by just going about your daily life!
Vivi said…
Love the one of them all conked out in the van!
melismama said…
It was a nice car ride home way there all I heard (besides H words) was how long until we are

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