Happy Columbus Day - school for you today?

Happy Columbus Day everyone! Hope your weekend was blessed!

I decided today since it is Columbus Day, and the hubby is off (so he can help out), we would have a short session this morning (before apple picking again) and learn about Columbus and his journey.

Do you have school on holidays?

Here are a few pics from our weekend...soccer games....bonfires and bbqs!


musicalmary said…
I like your new header, but look at the word "educating" -- I remember you helping me with a button problem, so now I can return the favor! ;-)
Emily said…
Yep we are schooling today! We'll just do a little history lesson about Christopher Columbus instead of our normal history stuff. :) Happy Monday!
melismama said…
lol how funny mary that no one has noticed that until now...I have had that new header up for almost two weeks..lol...I will fix it later for sure! thanks 8)
Truthful Mommy said…
Im thinking homeschooling may be the way to go!At least you have a choice. I am so annoyed right now with homework with no instructions, teachers who are incommunicado,and paying checks every other day fro some new , unexpected something or other that I could scream!Happy Mothering!
We did Columbus Day stuff this morning and are taking the rest of the day off. We made our very own Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria - paper boat style. I posted it on my blog. It was fun. :)
melismama said…
Kelli, I will come check it out!
Tracy said…
HI Melis!
We had school today so no day off and I didn't even read books about Columbus today like I did last year :( One advantage to homeschooling...I'll get to it sometime this week to highlight Columbus :)
Looks like you had a fun day!
Jenilee said…
we didn't school too much today. :) we enjoyed having a holiday! I saw that you followed my abby's blog! :) we are always posting something fun there. you are welcome to see our family blog as well... I post homeschooling there as well among other fun family adventures! nice to meet you!

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