Harvest Time Decorating & fun crafts

I have already told you all how much I LOVE Thanksgiving and the harvest months. We decided to start our school related crafts for Thanksgiving.

1. We have a great Thanksgiving Tree up for the month. The kids are putting leaves on the tree each day with what they are thankful for. Molly has already put leaves on that say: Markers, Daddy and shirts. (lol) Zachary's leaves have been grandmas visits, Kalin (his friend) and plants. Not too bad.

2. Our letter of the week is "J". So we used two sided sticky paper and cut out J's and they used three different kinds of dried beans to decorate their J's. Turned out real cute!

3. Some decorating we did in the schoolroom today! Love the felt banner. One thing I did to try to make the necessary school items (ABC Chart) more eye appealing is buy a dollar store wooden frame and frame it up. Looks better and more functional with a stand to it.

Plan on doing some more decorating for Thanksgiving this week. I will be sure to post our ideas.

Enjoy the day all!


Anonymous said…
oo beautiful decorations and crafts! I need to get a picture of our tree soon! I love the thanksgiving trees :-)
Dorie said…
We love to do a Thanksgiving Tree as well. I had to laugh at the 'shirts' and 'markers' - I remember one year our tree wore some leaves that said things like 'clothing,' 'stuffed animals,' and 'crayons.' It was so sweet and precious to read each time I went by the tree.
melismama said…
Lindsay and Dorie, thanks for stopping by! I appreciate the support and kindness!
Susannah said…
I love the felt banner! I am planning on making a Christmas one, but never thought of doing a Thanksgiving one. How did you do the letters? They look perfect.
melismama said…
Susannah - thanks I love it also. But I can't take credit for it. I hung it, but someone else made it 8) I bought it last year at Joann Fabrics on clearance.
Anonymous said…
Gave you a shout out on my blog today....hope you don't mind! :) These are fantastic ideas! http://considerit-alljoy.blogspot.com/2010/11/coffee-talk-blog-hop.html

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