Thankful Thursday at The Homeschool Village!

Linking up with The Homeschool Village today! Topic is dedicating a blog post to a blogger that I am thankful for.

Mama Hall

Her name is Eryn Hall, Mama Hall to the blogging world. I had the pleasure of meeting her at the Relevant Conference. She approached me early one morning and sat right down to chat. She came across so nice, honest and spiritual. She had great energy, for being so early in the morning! I admired that 8)

Since returning, I have found her blog to be extremely helpful in a lot of ways. She is a great mom, daughter of God and the cutest thing you ever did see!

I encourage everyone to visit her when you get a minute. Also hop on over to The Homeschool Village and check out the blogs!


mama hall said…
Gasp! Thank you! I remember that morning vividly. Glad I came across that way because I was pretty sleepy :) After chatting with you though i was energized! What a great connection. Thank you for recommending me :) Hope to see you at Relevant 11!
Christin said…
Isn't Eryn great?! I met her at Relevant, too. She's a sweetie and I enjoy twittering with her! :)
melanie said…
aww!! How awesome! Going to check out her blog now. :)
G. HUBBARD said…
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musicalmary said…
Just went to her blog and I am following now!
melismama said…
Awesome Mary, you will love it!

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