Toddler Time Tuesday

It's Tuesday and today I like to celebrate my youngest, Sammie. She is 18 months this week and all about being a toddler. Smart should be her middle name! She walks around the house saying "". She will sit at the table in her booster while the other two children have school. She will play with her puzzles, sort cups, color and talk up a storm! I never really think about "schooling" her much but I see that she is learning SO much from her older brother and sister. Honestly, when the time roles around to formally teach her, I think it will be a breeze!

So I lift up my Sammie and all the toddlers today who are learning from their parents, their siblings and friends! You are the future of this world, God Bless!

Sammie transferring the cat food from one dish to another....hey at least she is not eating it this time!


Anonymous said…
aww love this! She is a total cutie btw!

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