Today we GAVE and WOW what a gift!

Some of you may have read our post from the other day about our Soap Selling, if you didn't it's a great story and you really need to read it to understand what is happening in this post.

Thursday is the only day that our local Food Pantry was open so we decided to bring the money raised directly to them. Which I am glad we did, since they can buy so much more food at the County Food Bank, than we could have at the grocery store. They buy the food at $ .17 per pound, which means that the children raised enough money to buy almost 400 pounds of food! This was such a great thing to hear.

We were there when the pantry opened, and there were already 5 people waiting in line to "shop". When we got there we located the "person in charge" and Zachary told the story of how we came to be there. The volunteers were so touched and I was so proud of them. We even brought some soaps for them to have.

Our next giving opportunity will be at the local animal shelter. We have collected blankets and food for the cats and dogs!


Anonymous said…
wonderful! The kids look so excited!!
Alison said…
Awesome. We took the kids to a men's shelter a couple weeks ago and served supper. Those experiences are so impactful for our kids (and us!)


Lisa said…
What a great story. Hooray for your kiddos!
Sharon said…
What a great lesson!! Thanks for sharing it.
Love it - thanks for linking up this story! I hope it inspires other moms of preschoolers it's never too young!!

Mozi Esme said…
I LOVE this idea! I am always looking for toddler/preschool service ideas, but I'm having a hard time putting them into action... Thanks for the inspiration!

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