I WON! My 1st ever giveaway winnings! Come see!

I am so excited, Jerri over at Simply Sweet Creations and Simply Sweet Home emailed me (I guess twice, never got the 1st one) and infomred me that I won BIG..From the Holly  Bloggy Christmas Bash back in December. I won a 6 month membership to the Cupcake Wrapper of the Month Club sponsored by Yummy Cuppy Crafts  You have NO IDEA how fun this will be for me my kids and friends.  We are always having playdates and parties.  I can't wait to see what is coming!  Please take a minute and hop on over to Jerri's blogs and Yummy Cuppy Crafts...might find something you love!



Aimee said…
Yum! Congrats!

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