January school month - review

This was a cold month here in NY...lots of snow and cold temps.   The snow and temps kept us at home more than we would like.

Animal of the Month for January - Polar Bears: I learned a lot as well as the kids.
Did you know that Polar Bears have webbed feet ...or that their skin is actually black and fur is clear little hollow tubes for captured the sun.... We hit the jack pot when we found a movie on Nat Geo about Polar Bears that I taped so we had a movie time for school one day with popcorn!

State of the Month for January:  Washington State -   Did you know that they have a Volcano? (I did but obviously the kids were excited about that!)

Math & Science  - Zachary worked on three digit subtraction with borrowing and addition with carrying. We also started our 4 month long learning adventure of measurements.   Molly worked on measurements also.  Helping sew and bake were big eye openers for the kids with regards to measurements. Also the Polar Bear work was part of Science.

Reading - keeping in line with our Polar Bear theme, I signed out a book in the Magic Tree House Series from our local library called:  Polar Bears Past Bedtime.  It's his 1st chapter book and he is loving it.

Art - lots to do with Polar Bears and Snowmen...had a fun time with Art in January.  We also dedicated an entire day to Playdoh!

Health Class - talked and learned about eating healthy/ Something we work with and struggle with all the time

Sign Language - we are up to the letter "R" this week. Also learned "friend" in ASL.

History - Martlin Luther King Jr Day gave us a few days of history as well as learning about Washington State.

FUN STUFF:   We celebrated National Popcorn Day, Winnie The Pooh Day and baked alot!

Somehow I was able to get some crafting done!  Also Sammie finally got her big girl bed! 

Next Month - Groundhogs, Pennsylvania, Valentines Day Party, Chinese New Year, Presidents Day and more!

Hope you all had a great January!

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"Say What?" said…
Oh.My.Goodness! What great pictures you take! Your home looks so cozy and full of learning. Thanks for sharing!

Linking-Up from The HomeSchool Village
what FUN! I love seeing what others are doing - this is amazing!! I feel like such a slacker! =)


Thanks for linking up to The HSV
Linda said…
SOOO much fun learning happening here!!! Fantastic! Can I join your homeschool? We didn't accomplish quite that much this week....more about it here. :-)

Have a blessed day!
Lindsay said…
What a fun month! I have learning the little tid bits you shared about the polar bears.. I apparently didn't know anything about them since all the facts you have shared have been new to me :-)
Anne said…
Oh my!! I love all your activities! I especially love the Play-doh day! My older kids would think that was great. May have to schedule one. We are always looking for things for them to do while I read our read-alouds. Great pictures! Adorable kiddos!
Jennifer said…
It looks like January has been a huge homeschooling success for your family!

My girls enjoy Play-Doh too---both got great Play-Doh sets for Christmas. They come out often, and I don't complain anymore (as long as they stay in the kitchen)!

melanie said…
Love the pics! Looks bright and cheery at your house! :)

(Hopping over from The Homeschool Village!)
Hey! Found you on the homeschool village link up! Love your blog:) You guys look like a busy bunch...can't wait to see what Feb brings for you guys!

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