My crazy crafty weekend!

The weekend was great. Snow...skiing (not me the hubby and son)...sledding...fireplace snuggles...and oh, I crafted my fanny off!  I just have the crafty itch right now, maybe because Christmas is over and i need to keep busy (not that HSing the kiddies does not keep me busy cause it does) but i am always looking for ways to make nice house decor without breaking the bank.   This weekend was no exception!  All the crafts I did this weekend cost me $ 1 or less!  That's right!

Here is weekend crafty project 1 - Faux Dried Flower Wreath

Originally this was being made for the girls' room, however, it turned out soooo great I hung it in the newly painted hallway!  What do you think?  I found this idea over at Gluesticks.

Up close it looks like dried hydrangeas.  Tutorial coming soon!   I painted a wooden knob black and stuck it to the wall with a double sided stickem.    Cost $ 1.00 for the Styrofoam circle underneath. 

I am thinking on making a tree using the Styrofoam trees and pink paper (all it is is paper flowers that i punched out with my flower punch) since I did not give it to the girls and Molly was counting on

Crafty Weekend Project 2 - shutter gets new life

This is a shutter panel that i found at the Christmas Tree shop a few years ago (on the clearance rack) for
 $ .50 (don't you just love those finds!)  It is a little beat up and has a chip out of the top, but that is what I liked about it.   It was hanging in my our kitchen for a few years. I took it down the other day when i hung up our newly crafted EAT sign (see that here)  and it was sitting in the garage for the week.  I had an idea!  

I covered up the Banana Split  Ice Cream sticker on the top with chalkboard paper (has an adhesive side to it to stick easy). I could have used my chalkboard paint, but this was easier and i had it in my junk drawer.

Here is the after:

It's back in the kitchen (for now) as it's propped up against the bay window in the kitchen.  I can use it for scripture or whatever else I want to.  
Cost:  ZERO -
 I had the shutter already and the chalkboard paper. (But normally the paper is $ 7 for two 
8 1/2 X 11 sheets)

Crafty Weekend Project 3 - Valentine Projects

Next project is a sneak peek at some Valentine's day decorations that I am working on....

Don't want to ruin the VD post that I will have in a few just a ZERO!  All stuff I had around the house....wonder what it is?  

Wait until you see what I do with a bunch of these sweet hearts!  Price ZERO
So easy to make and so many IDEAS coming your way!

Hope you had a blessed I have to get to work on my weeks lesson plans for the kiddies!


Lindsay said…
oo how fun!! Love all of the crafting you got into this weekend!
Love your crafts! Especially that shutter. I want to get into the mood to craft. My crafty moods come and
Lisa said…
You are always an inspiration! Did you see the pillow I made for my daughter's bed? I think you might be proud! :)
These are great! Thanks so much for sharing them I love the wreath!
Grannys Attic said…
Great wreath and can't wait to see the results of the Valentine decor. Thanks for sharing, Vicky

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