Everybody needs a little turkey noodle soup....brrr outside

Not sure where you are from but today in NY it's freezing...cold...icy and snowy....DH is home working today and I decided to make some Turkey Noodle Soup with leftover turkey we had in the freezer from Thanksgiving. It turned out great and made enough for a small army!

Here is my recipe:

Start off with chicken (or turkey if you have it) stock
Add your veggies...onions, celery, carrots
Add your turkey....
Add your spices....salt, pepper and tarrigan
Let simmer for 3 hours
Add your egg noddles  1 hour before serving!

I don't measure really when I cook....just add to taste....



Lindsay said…
That looks delicious!! The storm missed us but its SUPER windy today so that still looks like the perfect thing to eat!
My inlaws came over yesterday and made chicken noodle soup. Looked pretty much the same. It was yummy!

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