Family day......

Day of Rest
Be Calm
Breath Deep
Rest Up

None of those describe our Family Day today!  Original plans were to go to the Bronx Zoo (would like to use our membership this Winter...) however, between Eric's back not feeling the best and it was snowing this morning  (turned out to be nice afterall if we would have had faith)  So instead we packed everyone into the truck and headed to "Daddy's Mall" (the mall closest to Daddy's work...or so the kids call it...which honestly it's not the mall closets but that's what they call it).  

Had to stop at Sephora and pick up my Birthday Present (FREE with their perks membership, which is also FREE)

Snagged this little guy along with 2 others from Pottery Barn. Originally $ 8 at Christmas time, however, $ .97 now!  ZINGO!

At Cheesecake Factory - Zachary using his travel art kit that I bought from a great Etsy shop called UPTOTE. LOVE THESE. I bought three of them...2 with crayons for the girls and 1 for Zachary with markers. The best things for times out!  (let you in on a will have a chance to win one of these babies with crayons soon!)

Snickers Cheesecake...Yes I ate it all! (not the whippped cream though)

Of would a trip to the mall be without it...

Time for a ride on the carousel.

Worn out....way IT Molly.

This is a Melissa & Doug Travel USA License Plate Game. When Zachary sees a new state he turns over the little plates to red and it also has the capitals on them. Look at all the states we he found on our short 40 min trip to the mall.....Great for carschooling!


Lindsay said…
What a fun family day! The mall looks like fun!!
~Kimberly said…
Fun! Can't resist the cheesecake at cheesecake factory! AND... we don't go on a roadtrip without the license plate game either! Even the adults have a blast with that one! It gets pretty competitive in our vehicle!

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