One Fish...Two Fish...Red Fish....Blue Fish...

This was our theme for school today!   As you can see by the pictures, Molly is feeling better (even after a trip to the E.R. last night....) Thank God!

Here is what we did today!

I read the book them them...

Molly worked on her Seuss Flip cards

This one was on colors.

Zachary read to Molly these Scholastic Books on parties and shapes.

I like these because they are quick and easy for him to read outloud.

Then we got out our play doh and each one of us picked a character from the book and created it.
This is Molly's BIG BLUE FISH.  Nice huh!

My attempt at Red

Samantha loving the play doh too!

Both kids worked on their Seuss Workbooks I made.

Molly also used Goldfish Crackers (our snack today) to do her math. I will be reviewing this fantastic math game on my blog soon!

So that was our Fishy day!  We also decorated for St. Patrick's Day!


phasejumper said…
Great play-do fish!
Anonymous said…
Love the fish! Looks like a lot of fun learning!
caroline said…
i love that book and we started reading that... will try the activities.. thank you for sharing..
Crisc said…
Great Activities I love that book!
JDaniel4's Mom said…
I am so sorry the link wasn't up right. I went ahead and linked you as soon as I fixed it.

I love your book! JDaniel would have loved graphing.Thanks for sharing this post on Read.Explore.Learn.
fun stuiff! I recently read this book with my girls and we did some fun activities too if you want to check them out (under Dr. Seuss)!

Shannon said…
So fun! Did you know it was Seuss' birthday or is it just a coincidence? :)
jess_hak said…
Love the playdoh fish! They look really cute. What a fun week. :)

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