Spring Playdate

So it was not as warm out as I would have liked it today....low 50's but no sun so felt more like upper 40's..HOWEVER, all the kids had a great time and so did the moms.  I broke out the patio heater that the moms' seemed to hover under...lol...here are some pictures..

Cleaned up our outside kitchen...so easy to throw a party with it!

Play yard is ready for use~

Zachary and his friend Christopher (also a homeschool kid)

Love when i get some good pictures of Z!

Molly and her friend Kendall!

Sammie and Maris

"Little Kids table."

Girls are eating at the outside bar.

Boys at the BIG BOY Table...lol


Stayed clear of these awesome babies...not on my WW diet...lol

Ok I  admit, I did have a SMALL one of these...yummo

Apparently they were all on a cruise...

The Gang...


Jamie said…
What a perfect play date for the kids and so much needed mommy time(I'd imagine)
Have a great weekend
Tiff said…
Those desserts look amazing!!!!!
I seriously wished you lived near me so we could come to all your parties. ;)
Michelle said…
Wow, looks like so much fun!!!
Rebecca said…
HI there, sweet mama! No worries about 'not seeing' you this week...um,I think I have been a little absent....it's been busy! You are such a blessing to me...and I do stop by...just don't always leave a comment. You are so amazing...look at your busy week, yet you decorated and hosted a party!!! WOW!!!

I'm loving hanging with my new readers...I pray that My blog is growing because I am blessing others.....That's what I want and Iknow it's what you want, too!

I have some exciting things going on.....things that are def of God...and I have tothink...it's because of friends like you, full of encouragement, that even if I'm having a bad day,I canjump over here, read your sweet words....never feel judged, yet lifted up.....
I thank you for that.....
Blessings....and....yes, my kids will be outdoors, too!!!
Tracy said…
Hi Melissa!
The day looked like perfect and beautiful fun, despite the cooler temps! What a fun party :) Your pictures captured all the joy at your gathering! Thanks for clarifying which Tracy you were referring to in your previous post! LOL! :) I didn't want to assume anything since blog land is so BIG and you have lots of followers! It's been fun getting to know you through your great blog! BTW, I'm thinking I need to hire you to plan out and follow through with all my ideas that I can't seem to find time for! :)
melismama said…
Thanks everyone for your kind words....I do what I can for my kids and their friends to make life full of celebration and joy. I value all my followers especially the onese I "see" all the time visiting here! Enjoy your weekends...we are off to our 1st T Ball game of the season..
Anonymous said…
What a fun playdate.. wish I lived closer so we could come up for one :-)

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